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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday, What Day?

I did my scheduled 6 miles this evening, and when I set out at sunset, the temps were blessedly cooler and there was a light breeze, but the heat and humidity were still over-powering. And I don't know if it was the heat, or if I was dehydrated, or if I am deficient in iron or something, but I struggled with fatigue through my final mile. I really had to fight the urge to slow down and walk -- I ran the entire distance, but I think that last mile was pretty slow.

When I got home, I was parched and immediately gulped down a bottle of water and I'm currently most of the way through a second. I am usually a very good water drinker, but perhaps I need to be conscious of consuming another 8-16 oz daily since the heat is definitely affecting my runs.

Anyway, glad to get the 6 done. Now I have to help my husband move our appliances out of the kitchen (we're having tile installed tomorrow) and then I'm gonna chill out and watch "Top Chef."


miss petite america said...

do u not bring water with you?

i am super paranoid about not having water with me. i bring it on ALL runs except for 5k races. it's probably more a mental thing though.

but in the florida summer, i would think it would be of great import to bring the water with ya!

Dr. Froyd said...

Good work Jess. This miserable Florida heat does take alot out of a person. On Saturday, I worked on the lawn all day, drank close to a gallon of water while doing it, and went to the bathroom once(after I was finished).

David said...

Sounds like you were running at near max, which is a great run in my book. Most of the ones that feel like that to me are either a PR or lay the ground work for a serious breakthrough in my performance soon thereafter.

Another thing about the water intake is water retention. Some potasium and magnesium (along with other electrolytes) will help your body keep some water and use it, versus letting it bathe the alligator living in the sewer under your house. I use Glacieu's Smart Water as my race drink for triathlons, and it seems to work well.

ws said...

I'd blame the humidity. Apparently, since it is so humid the sweat can't evaporate off your skin to cool you down and so your body just keeps sweating until you cool off enough. But, when I increased my calories about 200 per day from last week to this week to correspond with the re-increase in miles that also made a huge difference. Hope you are fully recovered this AM.

Mendy said...

Yea, the heat seems to be getting to us all. Good job on not stopping and walking though, and through that heat. I usually don't carry water up to 6 miles. Anything over 6, I carry or drop water. However, with the heat and humidity like it is - I'll probably start carrying on anything over 4.

Glad you brought that up so I can be better prepared on shorter runs.

Marcy said...

Like MPA, I always have water with me too. Except if it's a small run of a 5K or less.

You're too kind. I wouldn't even bother helping out the man LOL (I'm such a considerate person hehe) New tile will be nice though!! ;D

scott keeps running said...

I cogitate it would be smart, as many of your fine fans have pointed out, to bring a bit of liquid ice with you on your run.

keith said...

everyone who reads your blog is smart. the first thing i thought of when i read your post is "Jess needs electrolytes."

and perhaps a handheld water bottle, the likes of which can be found here:http://www.ultimatedirection.com/product.php?id=75&page=handhelds

i don't know about everyone else, but all the 'runners belts' give me the urge to throw up after a while.