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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Not the rabbit, my run. (I will give a special shout-out to the first blogger to get what I'm referring to there.)

So, at dinner this evening, we invited some friends to join us in order to make them decide which tile we should install in our kitchen and entryway -- they gave us their opinion, we fed them pizza. But after dinner, when we were talking, my friend Ryan (who shall not be hyperlinked b/c his blog is top secret) said it would drive him crazy to run without a watch or Garmin, and it made me reflect on a few of my fellow RBFer's comments; thus, I decided to dust off the Garmin and take it along on my after-dinner 5 miler.

Here are the stats:

Mile 1: 10:19
Mile 2: 10:15
Mile 3: 10:56
Mile 4: 11:20
Mile 5: 10:47

Total Time: 53:57
Avg Pace: 10:46

Now, these numbers are handy to have, and they seem right even though passing under some trees made the Garmin wink out for a bit; however, when I run with the Garmin, I'm suddenly thinking about nothing but the numbers. See, usually my mind wanders on runs and then, suddenly, I'm done! But with a time keeping device, I'm constantly glancing at it, assessing it, worrying over it, and inadvertantly, my run seems to go slower.

Plus, it feels bulky on my wrist (and I hate the feeling of something rubbing my wrist bone -- the reason why I never, ever wear a watch).

Anyway, I like to take the Garmin out for a spin every once in awhile, but overall, I like to keep the numbers somewhat mysterious.

Also, Ryan, "karma" bitch-slapped me for making fun of your calorie counting by making dinner feel like a brick in my stomach through the first half of my run. I guess someone should be doing a little calorie counting of her own. It's just so much more fun to ridicule.


teacherwoman said...

nice job on the 5 miles...speedy! I don't know if I could do it after dinner!

Erin said...

As in not a nooner but a fiver now that Jerry gets home earlier?

Ryan said...

That's what you get. That is also why I tried not to make too much fun about your incident last week. Karma is always watching my lippy friend.

Ryan said...

Hazel is his older sister.

Bonni Michelle said...

One, Two, Three, Four... Hrair! Why couldn't they count past four? I always thought that was kind of odd. But then again, rabbits counting at all is odd in and of itself *shrug*

ws said...

umm, a book about rabbits not really about rabbits - two words:
first word - starts with w - 9 letters, second word - starts with d - 4 letters.

nice run - I noticed my garmin likes to go backwards if I cross my original path - very odd.

Jess said...

According to comment times, it looks as though it was a close one, so special shout outs to Ryan, Wendy, and Bonni Michelle!!

I was referring to a character from the novel "Watership Down."

miss petite america said...

you are fast chica!

and counting calories? ugh i could never do it.too many numbers. plus i'd probably find out i'm eating like 3,000 a day!

Anonymous said...

Oh. I'm too late you already posted the answer! But, I've read watership down a long time ago.

keith said...

I didn't know the answer. But I am functionally illiterate. Reeders have all the fun. :(

ws said...

Also, if you haven't started counting calories yet DON'T EVER START. It is awful to look at a plate of food and calculate and quantify everything rather than just recognizing it as nourishment and something your body needs to survive.

Neese said...

lol @ keith's comment.

i'm opposite of you in that i'm all about the numbas -- but i see where your coming from too, sometimes it's good just to GO without managing digits. good run girl!

Marcy said...

I hear you on the Garmin rubbing the wrist thing. Every so often I get annoyed with that too and want to rip it off my wrist and stomp on it :-X I also get that same feeling sometimes when I wear my glasses. The whole rubbing on my nose thing. I'm weird. LOL

Mendy said...

I wish I would go out more without the gadget, but I don't. Those are nice times you got!

We may be following a similar plan cause I've got 5 tonight to run. Hopefully, this heat will wear off some....