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Saturday, June 16, 2007

No Need for the Permanent Membership

Last night I ran 3 miles and the foot felt fine. So I was thinking today I would run another short run, probably 3 miles again, and then tomorrow do my week's long run: 8 miles. I had been aiming to do my long run today, but then several things impeded me. For one, I felt that one day of running was not enough to ease me back and go straight for the long run (granted, I did a lot of elliptical cross training this week, but it's not the same as running). But for another, I just didn't want to get up early this morning.

So, I'll just flip-flop the weekened training distances and then Monday I should be in good shape to resume my normal training schedule (if the foot is still feeling fine after the long run).

This is why I should NOT re-join a gym: I had a trial membership for 7 days, and how many of those days did I use it? 3. 3 days. There is good stuff at the gym, but I think my issue is just getting there. It's only 2 miles away, but for some reason, getting in the car and going there seems like so much more effort that lacing up my running shoes and heading out the door.


David said...

If it weren't for the need for a lap pool, I wouldn't be a member of a gym. I prefer to get the bulk of my training through forward motion exercise: cycling, running, etc. I do some mild weights some times, but I can do that at work or at home for the most part, and all ab work can be done at home...between swigs of delicious and frosty ale. :-)

Smart choice not pushing it on the foot. No need to make a temporary injury much more serious or long lasting.

Marcy said...

I totally hear you! We have about 4 gyms within a 5 mile radius of my house. 1 being in the park where I do most of my running. If I'm already running over there, why bother? So I can run inside? LOL Although in the winter months it might be nice to have an indoor track to run around.

Great job getting in a run!! ;D

ws said...

Glad to hear the foot has seemingly recovered. Did you really think you would join the gym? Anyway, if you decide you need another week off of running to do cross training you can get a free pass at another gym. Hopefully tomorrow morning the weather is bearable, I'll be doing a long run also.

miss petite america said...

3 days a week in the gym is enough for me to keep a membership. i get paranoid if i don't have the option. plus i like the classes and the pool.

but if you can do without the expense, more power to you!!!

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with my gym. We just broke up but walking the .5 mile there proved to be too much so I'm going to try to just use our condo gym and make the best of it. Good luck with the foot.

Debbi said...

I used to live in a city where my gym was about a mile away. I would run there, work out for a couple hours (free weights, stairmaster, rower) and then run home again. Yes, I was skinny. And yes, I was crazy.

The closest gym to me now is 22 miles away.

Mendy said...

I agree on not pushing more right now, considering you don't want to hurt your foot anymore. Smart choice!