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Friday, June 29, 2007

Clouds of Bugs

The tile got mostly installed today and it's looking really wonderful; plus, the installer left a little path through the hallway so we can access the bedroom and bathroom and he'll finish that area tomorrow when he returns to do the grout.

Since I had access to my own shower, I went this afternoon and got my short run out of the way. It was pretty miserable: hot, humid, and VERY buggy. When I returned, I was covered in a blanket of those little black gnats. Ick. But, at least I got the run done and was able to shower at home.

If all goes well, the tile should be finished by tomorrow afternoon, which will be awesome.


David said...

Glad you got some progress on the tile and still were able to run and take a shower, but I still think you should do the Jennifer Beals impression. :-p

Marcy said...


Gross on the bugs though. Luckily I haven't had too much of a prob with bugs . . .yest. Crossing my fingers LOL

miss petite america said...

just think of all the bugs you inhaled!

Firefly's Running said...


Pictures are must after the bathroom is DONE!!

J~Mom said...

I hope we get to see pics of the tile! Ewww...bugs!