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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No Hoo-ah! for Hump Day

My energy is kinda low today. I was friggin' sleepy when my alarm went off this morning, and after lunch, I felt pooped, so I took a little nappy-nap. It. Was. Awesome. Slept for 2 full hours (I don't mess around with naps -- none of this "twenty minutes" crap for me; if I'm napping, I'm gonna be out for awhile, drooling away). Afterward, I certainly felt better rested, but still felt a bit out of it.

Still, I went to the gym and decided to plug away at the elliptical (BTW, on my way over to the machines, I was assailed by the salesman from Sunday; I assured him I was enjoying my temporary membership and that I was seriously considering the regular membership -- that was a lie), but my mojo wasn't what it was on Monday, as is evidenced by the numbers:

45 minutes
3.78 miles
425 calories burned

I thought about following that up with some time on the bike or the rower machine, but just didn't feel like it, so I headed home. The excellent aspect about today is that the foot is feeling rather fabulous -- totally normal. So a big part of me is eager to get it back out there on a run tomorrow. But then another part of me is warning that I should be cautious and restrained and hold off for another few days. What do you guys think? Run tomorrow? Or no?


Anonymous said...

I agree with than 20 min nap crap. 20 minutes never did anything for me, but make me more grumpy because I wanted to sleep more. Hooray for 2 hr naps! :)

As for running tomorrow, I'm no expert. All I can say is do what you think is best for your body. A few extra days of rest wouldn't hurt though!

ws said...

I hate the gym, so you know what I would pick. But, I defer to Collegegirl, you know your body and what is best for it. You won't lose anything doing another day of cross-training and you have plenty of time to run in the next 3 months.

keith said...

i hope your foot feels better. i'm not a doctor. but i'd say give it a day. but dont totally stay off of it. remind the foot it is just on break, not retired.

Marcy said...

I agree with Wendy and College Girl. You know your body better than anyone else. It won't hurt to give it another day of rest if you decide to do that :) Awesome job!! Even if you were half asleep on that thing :P