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Sunday, June 10, 2007

6 Weird Things

Okey-dokey, I got tagged by Neese to post a list of 6 weird things about myself, so here they are:

1. When I add things up in my head, I think of everything in terms of 12. Example: If I were to add 7 + 8, this would be my thought process: I would take 8 + 7 (which is made up of 3 +4), add 4 + 8 because that equals 12, and then add the extra 3 that make up 7, and voila! 15 is the answer. Needless to say, adding takes a long time for me.

2. I only drink soda if it comes out of a can or soda fountain. I never drink soda if it comes out of a plastic bottle. However, I drink water out of a plastic bottle, almost exclusively.

3. I do not like foods that end in the word "loaf" ex: meatloaf, turkeyloaf, etc. Ech. Makes me want to hurl.

4. Nearly everyday on my way to school, I almost poop myself. Or, I fear that I may poop myself. There's something in the timing of getting up, getting ready, having my coffee, having my breakfast, and driving for 30 minutes that gets the system moving, and I inevitably think that I may end up crapping my pants. Thus, to prevent the possibility of such an incident, I have carefully chosen 3 spots along my route to school that are "possible poop posts": a Starbucks, a Chevron station, and a Publix (grocery store). These three bathrooms are up to my standards and are acceptable to poop in. I have had to make emergency stops in all 3.

5. I don't wear underwear. Or, at least, hardly ever. (Thus, making the thought of pooping myself even more terrifying.) I prefer the freedom that going "commando" offers me. The circumstances when I do wear underwear: when I'm wearing shorts, when I'm wearing skirts/dresses, or when I'm going shopping and know I'll be trying on clothes.

6. When sleeping in any bed, I always choose the side farthest from the door because I am scared that monsters will come and eat me. Therefore, my husband is always positioned as "monster bait."

Are those sufficiently weird? Now, for tagging others. Hmmm, who should be my victims? Miss Petite America, Brunette Chicago Gal, Krista, Kristen D, Runner26, and Tough Cookie: Have fun with it!


Erin said...

Did some sick twisted person teach you to count that way or are you just weird? No wonder you carry a calculator in your purse for quick math.

The other weird things...some are weird but some not so out there. The monster thing....I wonder if Ryan shares the same fear? Hmmmm....

Great post!

Nikki said...

Ohhhh high five to the comando girl!!

LMAO about the poopin your pants every morning..ok, almost

Marcy said...

Commando with jeans totally seems uncomfy, but I do dabble with commando and skirts (as long as they're longer length) Nice breeze up in there :P

ws said...

re: #5 - I'm on the same page with you, but I don't go commando when I fly. I don't think I'll survive a plane crash and the possibility of death while commando disturbs me for some reason.

Neese said...

I think those qualify!! :-o thanks and omg i can't even follow that math logic, that's pretty weird ;)

Anonymous said...

Those definitely are some weird things! I completely agree with your #2 though!! I even have places that I know have great fountain soda (QT and Taco Bell have the best fountain Pepsi).

And #4, I don't have designated places, but I'm definitely JUST as regular right after breakfast! Haha

L*I*S*A said...

How funny!

I go commando often as well. I find it very liberating.

brunettechicagogal said...

OMG, I am roaring about your poop problem!!! The math thing -- that makes sense to me. Not personally, but I've heard different stories about how people add in their heads, and I don't find it at all strange.

You might try thongs if you'd like the semi-naked feeling under skirts. I live by the thong!

keith said...

you are totally strange in a very human way. you crack me up.

i think my brain would blow up if i tried to add the way you add.

and since we're all sharing. I cannot #2 in public restrooms. Unless it's an emergency. And emergencies only happen on long road trips, and the desperate can't be choosy.

For instance, last saturday, I frantically entered a truck stop restroom with a wadded up pair of (i shit you not [pun intended]) crapped-in boxers with orange and yellow owls on them in the corner...all i could think of is "those coulda been mine if I hadn't seen the exit in time."

But otherwise...that rest-stop would have been off-limits for touching or being in.

Kristen D. said...

I am also quite the commando girl, especially with pants. But I don't consider it all that weird, so I didn't include it on my list. But if we were to do a list of Top Six Liberating Things...well then, that's another story!

Love Keith's comment!

Mendy said...

OMG! The pooping problem cracks me up. But, I actually understand it...

I am the same way about putting my hubby closest to the door when sleeping. In case the boogey man comes.. but, because i get up to pee a lot in the middle of the night - I do a coin toss. Boogey man or close to the potty?

miss petite america said...

your math confuses me even more.

and as for going commando, i can only do it in skirts and dresses. no undies in jeans? youch.