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Thursday, June 28, 2007


You guys are right, I probably should be bringing water along for anything more than 4 miles now that it is so hot out. Normally, I don't bring fluids for anything that short (partially b/c I hate, hate, hate carrying fluids, would never drop off, and thus I usually buy stuff at gas stations -- yes, I despise the fuel belt as well), but I was thinking last night in those last two miles that I should've drank some water or a replacement at mile 4 -- I felt it then.

Today is my marathon of classes (need some gels or replacement drinks for that as well!) and then tonight we have bowling: yay! Thank god it's Thursday and I have tomorrow off b/c this week has me feeling wiped out.

Oh, as a side note, when you guys track your weekly mileage, do you count a week as Sunday-Sunday? Monday through Sunday?


Krista said...

I hate carrying water, too, but I notice a big difference when I keep hydrated - even on short, 3-mile runs. But then you run into the issue of having to pee ... such a dilemma.

David said...

I use the training log on BeginnerTriathlete.com to track my exercise, and I think it's set to start a week on Sunday. It's a great tool, and gives bar graphs for time and percentage spent doing each activity (running, swimming, cycling, sports, weight, etc), as well as multiple cumulative views. Whoops; that sounds like a sales pitch. It's a good tool, though.

I guess everyone has to find their best solution for hydration during a run. I would wind up tossing the damn bottle if I had to hold it in my hand for a long run. And dropped water has a tendency to warm up to near boiling temps, get removed, or become tampered with by the time I'm back to it. The fuel belt is a bit annoying, but is cooler than a Camelbak for me, and is just the best compromise between all the options for me.

Have fun drinking, er, bowling tonight! If you "bowl" enough, you'll be completely de-schooled...for a few days at least.

Anonymous said...

I use the Amphipod Hydraform Handheld. There's one that has a little zippered pocket where I can put my gel, lip balm and wet wipes. I'll use it for 4 - 10 mile runs. It's not enough for runs longer than that and is way easier than the fuel belt.


ws said...

I use a fuel belt and in general I never carried it for anything less than 10 miles. For 7 miles in the early AM I'm still fine without it, but we'll see how that goes as we get deeper into the summer.

I track mileage from Monday to Sunday (weekly long run is the end of my week).

Have fun with class - can't you let them go early if you really want to leave.

Firefly's Running said...

Jess, besides drinking DURING the runs, make sure that you are hydrated BEFORE the run too. It's just as important too. I usually drink the sport drink and water up to 30 minutes before I have to run and then hit the bathroom right before I run.

Marcy said...

I do the belt. It sucks, it's ugly, and my husband always hysterically laughs at me when I leave the house (way to be supportive LOL) BUT it keeps me hydrated and that's all the matters, right?

I usually keep track of things from Sun -Sat :-)

Get your drink on!! Have some fun and bowl some strikes!!

miss petite america said...

i use breakingthetape.com to keep track of my mileage. i count my long run as the end of the week, since my long run doesn't fall on a weekend. so if your LR is on sat, then a week would be sun-sat. if it's on sun, then i would count a week as mon-sun.

the hydration belt is a bitch, but i probably would have died a long time ago without it.

Anonymous Bosh said...

I carry dollar bills.

99 cents gets enough Arizona Iced Tea (or blueberry or whatever) for everyone on the run. Or spend the two bucks for some Gator. Bills are lighter than water.

It's also nice to stop and catch the breath in the midst of a 12-18 miler...

I count Sun-Sat for weekly mileage; currently in the 60+ range (I run to work in the morning). A.M. runs ARE the best--fewer drivers trying to kill you, water all sparkly, ppl not yet grumpy.

Cute pic--want beer.

teacherwoman said...

Hydration is the key! I try to drink a lot of water the night before a morning run. Otherwise if I drink too much right before I feel like there is a pool in my tummy.

My schedule goes from Monday through Sunday. It just makes sense and works for me! Do what works for you!