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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Flirtin' With Fast

Last night after dinner I did not want to run, but I figured that since it was not a scheduled run day that even if I got some running in that it would be a bonus. So I decided I would do just a short, quick 2 miles. I grabbed the Garmin, left the mp3 and set out to see what a "quick" 2 miles felt like.

It felt good:

Mile 1: 10:03
Mile 2: 9:32
Total Time: 19:35

Now, I know I can be faster than that, and have been faster than that, but getting out there and getting through those 2 miles in under 20 minutes reminded me of what I am capable of, and I needed to be reminded of that -- especially this week.

Tonight, I have 6 miles on the schedule, and that 2 miler last night helped restore some of my running confidence that was lost earlier this week, so I can now look forward to those 6, instead of dread them.


David said...

Way to "throw some dirt on it" and get back into the game. It takes a dedicated effort to halt the downward spiral and regain some confidence. Enjoy your 6 today, and don't sweat the time too much. Well, sweat, but don't worry. :-) A low pressure fun run sounds like it would get you back on track after your zippy little speed session.

Firefly's Running said...

Great job, Jess! You did it and got it DONE!

Neese said...

that makes two of us that have been "flirting" lately

teacherwoman said...

way to be positive! I always knew you were the "flirtin'" kind!

ws said...

Great run and the benefits from those 2 miles should (apparently) carry over to your next few runs.

I've been adding the progressive sprints at the end of my run because it is supposed to boost fitness and speed without requiring a lot of recovery.

Good luck on the 6 miles tonight.

Oh, and the pain in the @ss is real physical pain, allegedly. It comes and goes though, so who knows.

JustJunebug said...

I just LOVE confidence building runs. They do indeed remind us of what we can do if we set our mind to it.

Marcy said...

Way to rock it!!! I'm glad you got that "good" run in there. Hopefully the runs will be more on the up and up from here on out ;D

Anonymous said...

Wow! Good for you! Have fun tonight

keith said...

way to go...do you ever run 5 or 10k races?

J~Mom said...

Sweet!!!! You nailed it!!!!!!

Mendy said...

Jess, that's sooo wonderful!!! great times, and a great way to boost self-confidence in your running. I know it seems you and I have been feeling similar things lately, and I'm glad you back feeling stronger. It's my turn, I guess. You're motivating me to get my tail back out there and push myself hard on my run today. Thanks a bunch. BTW, David had told me yesterday "You need to go check out Jess's blog"... he knew I needed to see it, and see you come out of your slump.

Great run, girl - keep it up!