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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Smoke Screen

Wildfires in Central Florida and Southern Georgia have made the air here in South Florida hazy and smoky, so much so that for part of the morning some roadways were closed and officials issued mornings about breathing in the smoggy air.

This picture, from the newspaper, shows the haze for morning commuters. So, even though the air is cooler today than it has been in days, running in it is hazardous (although, really? 2 miles of breathing it shouldn't hurt me any -- I'm tough).

We need rain, folks. We need it bad, so do your rain dances for us, and offer whatever sacrifices you feel are necessary; we need some moisture!


teacherwoman said...

We're supposed to get rain friday, saturday and sunday. Graduation is Saturday. I will attempt to send it your way!

ws said...

I did notice the haze, but I didn't know running outdoors was hazardous? I must have left before the news mentioned that...I survived. By late afternoon it might be worse...enjoy your run if you make it out.

Firefly's Running said...

Oh ick! I hope the haze goes away really quick.