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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Balance Ball

Yesterday, I inflated the balance ball my husband got me for my b-day, popped in the accompanying DVD, and set to work on abs with it. Phew, it was tough. And combined with the ab workout I did the day before, I woke up this morning with sore stomach muscles.

I sneezed in the car on the way to class this morning, and I about cried, so I think I will take the day off of abs today.

In other news, as I ease my way back into a running schedule I find myself meeting up with my arch enemy: the morning run.

I don't why I keep trying to make myself a morning runner because I just really hate mornings, and the last thing I want to do first thing is strap on my shoes and head out for a run at 6 am. It's just not me.

I had grand ideas last night as I laid out my running shorts, shoes, socks, bra, but come 6 am, I just went back to sleep. This sucks because I'm supposed to go out this evening for sushi and drinks -- will I have the willpower to run after that? We'll see.


L*I*S*A said...

I need to get those DVD's out and get busy, too. Swimsuit season is fast approaching! Yikes!!

miss petite america said...

i can't run after eating...at all...that's why i HAVE to be a morning runner.

good luck finding the motivation tonight! if you can do killer ab work 2 days in a row, i've no doubt you can strap on the shoes and pound the pavement

ws said...

those stability balls are such a tease - so much fun to bounce on, so cruel to use for a workout. the morning run is a bit cooler and, like mpa, I prefer empty stomach running.

Firefly's Running said...

Ab workout really make it cringe. That's why I love yoga.

brunettechicagogal said...

I suck at morning runs as well. I rarely get up early to work out -- instead, I do the same as you: Turn off the alarm clock and roll over. As for running on an empty stomach -- a word to the wise, MPA -- don't try doing that before a run that's longer than, say, 7 or 8 miles. You'll get horrible stomach cramps, not to mention that your body needs fuel to go the distance. Running after a big meal is another story -- nobody should do that, either.

OK, I've stepped off the soapbox.