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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Baby Steps

Yesterday rocked. I ended up chillin' by the pool (but only for a bit because I got too hot out there) and I finished my book (luh-ved it!), so I didn't get the pedi -- maybe for today. It was a very relaxing day yesterday and I topped it off by going for an evening run.

I kept it short again -- 2 miles -- and it went really well. I went out with a completely different attitude last night. You see, usually, I start thinking and worrying about my knee before the run even begins ("omigod, omigod, what if my knee hurts? does that mean I should extend my rest period? should I go back to the orthopedist? omigod!" yeah, that's a disturbing window into my thoughts), but last night as I set out, this is what I thought instead: "Yeah, it might hurt. Accept it. If it hurts really bad, you might have to walk for a bit. So be it."

Seriously, I think my change of thoughts made the difference (mind over matter, grasshopper). Instead of fighting the idea of my knee hurting, I just accepted the fact that it might hurt, and if so, I would accept that too. I can't just like the parts of my body that work nicely for me; I have to like the parts that are also troublesome and, sometimes, painful. I know, it's very yoga of me (that "Eat, Pray, Love" really influenced my thinking!), but I swear I won't start talking about auras anytime soon. When I used to practice yoga regularly, I had a teacher who always said: "Remember, you're not in competiton with anyone, not even yourself."

I've tried to keep that in mind in all aspects of my life, but lately I have been especially conscious of it in regards to running. So again, there was some knee tightening in the second mile, but nothing that caused me pain or discomfort, and I finished the short run feeling good. I know that my runs over the next few weeks will need to remain short -- progress will be slow, and I'll need to be patient -- plus, I know I'll need to continue stretching, icing, and foam rollering, but yesterday's run felt like I turned a corner, and that was encouraging.


ws said...

that's all quite deep - your Yoga teacher seemed wise, and if you can embrace the non-competition you are a far better person than me...

the humidity SUCKS - do you have those little black bugs that stick to you when you are sweaty where you are? (I would refer to your neck of the woods as "out west" but that might make me seem like even more of a high maintenance West Palmer)

Jess said...

Yeah, we have those little black bugs -- they stick right to the sweat, and also like to fly into your eyes, nose, and mouth.

We are "out west." I live about a mile from the Sawgrass Express, and it's just Everglades on the other side of that!

Erin said...

Good job running Jess! I know you will get through this month and be back in training mode.

Black bugs...those little things drive me nuts. Why must they like my sweaty face? Gross!

Firefly's Running said...

Great job, Jess. Try to combine the running with some cross-training on the elliptical to loosen and warm up the legs. I have found that to help a lot.

keith said...

hey hey! glad to hear you are back at it!

keep up the good work!