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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lagging Behind Already

Yeah, I never made that evening run last night -- big surprise there, right?

We didn't get home from happy hour until almost 8 and I still had a stack of papers to finish reading, so I read those (and finished them) until "Lost" came on at 10.

One thing I certainly have struggled with is time management. I need to make room for running, yet am often busy with work, home, friends, and, well, other stuff. Certainly it could be argued that "other stuff" could take a back seat, but I need my time each day to read, watch tv or a movie, or play on the Internet -- I need that brain time off (skipping out on friend time is just not an option for me -- I like my social hours). I know that trying to juggle all these things is not unique to me, and I just have to figure out a comfortable way to make running a priority.

Last fall when I was training for Disney, I really feel like I short-changed my marathon training (the result? this ITBS), and I had resolved not to do that the second time around, yet I'm three days back into a running schedule and what do I do? Skip running in order to enjoy mixed drinks and sushi (which was pretty damn delicious and fun, BTW).


Erin said...

Unfortunately you are at the same cross road I am. If you really want to fit one more thing in your day, you are going to have to get up early and do it.

Needless to say, I stayed in bed an extra 20 minutes instead of getting up at my normal time. How in the world will I get up 1.5 hours earlier to exercise???

teacherwoman said...

This is where you and I are alike...once again! I too need my ME time. My FUN time. No matter HOW busy I am! It keeps us sane... and helps us enjoy life...right?

I only did 2 miles last night. Because I wanted my ME time for dinner and American Idol. Crazy? Yes!

keith said...

I hear you cluckin' little chicken.

If someone would just pay me to run and workout (instead of chaining myself to a desk), my world would be a lot easier to manage.

Let us be resolute in our desire to run this weekend at some point...:-)

Krista said...

Hey - it's tough getting back into a regular schedule after even a few days off, let alone a whole month off of running. Don't beat yourself up too much. I think the "fun" stuff is just as important as exercise so good for you for trying to find time for it all!

miss petite america said...

eh, i think you do fine as it is. i remember you being quite consistent.

it seems like you know what your priorities are and just because running isn't at the very top of the list, doesn't mean you can't get in good, solid training.

ws said...

You are probably just easing back into running and you haven't had to schedule the time to train in the past month, so I wouldn't worry about it....

My only suggestion is don't try to make up runs when you miss them. A mile or two is no big deal to make-up, but if you start missing long runs, don't try to make up those 10 miles the next day because you'll never get a full recovery.

Firefly's Running said...

I wish I could go out some nights, but waking up at 4:45 every morning makes it hard. It's SO important to have FUN TIME.