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Friday, May 04, 2007

Day Off

I finished the semester yesterday: read the last pile of papers I had and submitted my grades. Ah, what a relief to be done. Granted, my summer courses begin on Wednesday (May 9), so I don't get much of a break, but I am taking today and the weekend off of school work -- feels sooooo good.

So, because I had decided to take a break today, I figured I'd go and catch up on some beauty treatments; first up: eyebrow wax. Now, I know many women who can competently pluck their own eyebrows and they look great -- but I am not one of them. First of all, when I pluck, I have a sneezing fit, my eyes water, and I'm a mess. Plus, I'm not great about that whole "even" business and so I come out of the bathroom looking cock-eyed. I'd rather go in, have those hairs ripped out in one swoop rather than plucked out one at a time, and leave the "even" business to a professional. So, I've been going to this girl for 3 years -- ever since I moved to FL (and I just happened upon her by chance -- what a miracle), but she recently decided to up and move to Orlando (bitch). Crap, so I decided to return to the same salon and test out the new person they hired.

I guess she did an oh-kay job. I feel like she left them thick in some spots and kinda thin in others, so when I got home, I took it upon myself and my rarely-used pair of tweezers to fix it, and I think I did an okay (notice the difference in spelling -- that indicates the level of "okayedness") job, but this means that I'm not totally satisfied with my current eyebrows, AND now I must search for a new eyebrow-wax-girl which kinda sucks. That, or I could go with bushy-brows. Not really an option.

Next up on my list today: a pedicure. Maybe. Part of me really wants that pedicure (especially since my friends got me a gift certificate for my b-day, and what do I love more than a pedicure? a free pedicure!), and my feet are totally gross looking right now, but part of me also doesn't want to leave the house again today. So I'm torn between sitting at home (and perhaps by the pool) and finishing my book (I love it: "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert -- I highly recommend it), or going to get a pedicure?

Hmmm, rough life, huh?


J~Mom said...

Ooohhh that book sounds great!! All the pampering sounds wonderful!! YAY for having the weekend off! I vote for the reading by the pool!

ws said...

You accuse me of being a french-manicured West Palm Beacher and there you go getting ready for a beauty pageant! I feel like anytime I get my eyebrows waxed I need to pluck when I get home, I hate that...

I see people sitting at the pool during the day and I wonder why they aren't working - I finished "Eat, Pray, Love" a few weeks back - very good read. Perfect for poolside enjoyment.

teacherwoman said...

I hate people touching my feet. I would definitely opt for the book by the pool!

Krista said...

Hmm I would trade my lilacs for your pool and Florida weather any day. Enjoy your days off!! I recommend spreading out the pampering - pool today, pedicure tomorrow.

Neese said...

ahhh happy break! my DH doesn't get out for another month.

I'd love to read a book LOL... I think maybe a year from now I'll have time. I'll keep that one in mind. enjoy the weekend

runner26 said...

I just came back from the spa myself. I'd recommend the pedi for sure. And then you can sit by the pool with pretty toes ;)

Carrie said...

A "running in the house" incident at the age of two left me with a scar that runs right through the middle of my right eyebrow where nothing grows. All efforts to make them symmetrical have failed miserably so I've given up trying :)

PS: I'm a lurker turned commenter - I enjoy reading about your running endeavors!

Anonymous said...

It is so hard to find a good waxer so I hope the new girl gets better.
Also, I've been wondering about the book you are reading eat, pray, etc - good to know it is worthwhile.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend.

miss petite america said...

you can read AND get a pedicure at the same time! i heart pedicures too!

and i just happened to find the most perfect eyebrow girl here. so if you want to come to california to get them done i can recomment a place :)

Firefly's Running said...

The pedicure sounds awesome. I really want one myself, but the damn blister thing has to go first before I can go in. Grrrrr!

As for the eyebrows, I HAVE to let the pros take care of it. It's a MUST!

Enjoy the break!