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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Eve Eve

There are many advantages to spending the holidays with family: the love, the joy, the traditions, the drunkeness. But there are also advantages to staying home -- just the two of you -- for the holidays:
  • No travel stress.
  • No crowded house with the heat turned up WAY too high while you roast in your sweater and fight the oncoming headache.
  • No guilt-eating of the holiday cookies and candies that your mother-in-law made. Just. For. You.
  • No decisions about whose family you spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with -- thus, no guilt about shorting someone on time with you.
  • No sleeping on the tiny bed your husband had when he was in high school, and now you, he, and the dog are all jammed in there.
  • No worries that your dog will crap in a strange bathroom and then smear it all over the place because you left him alone in a strange house while you went out for beers to catch up with friends.


  • Instead of spending last night at your grandparents' house eating the 7 layer Jell-O, you and your husband spent the evening at a relaxing wine bar where you both sampled lots of wine, ordered a cheese and olive platter, and played two games of chess.
  • You got to spend yesterday afternoon watching "The Simpson's Movie" and episodes of "Deadwood" instead of trapped in the kitchen explaining to your mother that it's your business that you never took your husband's last name.
  • You get to sleep in this morning intead of waking to the pounding of children's running overhead at 7 am.
  • You got to prepare a big breakfast with your husband, in your own kitchen, in temperate FL (with the windows open and a nice breeze), this morning instead of sitting down to a big breakfast in a kitchen 2,000 miles away and freezing temps outside.
  • You get to go to a matinee this afternoon instead of attending yet another gift opening at yet another grandparent's house.

Ahhh, it's so relaxing to stay in FL for the holidays!


Tiffany said...

Awwww- great for you!! Relaxing!! I am spending the holidays at home too- my only relatives within 500 miles (my parents) are going away so I will have PLENTY of time to relax :)

Erin said...

So true, especially after last year's trip home :)

What you will miss though is the long 2,000 mile car ride/adventure with the Froyd's, Scooter and Annie.

Who is SLB+? said...

Oh sounds like a plan to me...still with two young children in the house Christmas is all about them and that makes it special in so many other ways.

I can beat your 2000 miles; all our collective family is 5000 miles away!

Nicole said...

Sounds like a great day! happy holidays.

ws said...

perhaps the state motto should be "Florida is for joyful laziness." Good to hear how much you are enjoying the relaxing holiday.

Marcy said...

Sounds sweet!!!! I agree with slb though. Having children has made me super excited for Christmas again. It's always cute to see them get all excited over cheesy stuff hehe.

Wes said...

A wife who drinks to excess and plays chess... You're one mighty fine catch :-) Nice 8 miler too, chica!! Enjoy the holidays at home!!

J~mom said...

That does sound pretty nice!

L*I*S*A said...

Now that sounds perfect!

Firefly's Running said...

That's my kind of Christmas! I totally agree with you on how you did. Enjoy!

jkrunning said...

Sounds like you made a good decision.

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like you are really enjoying the holidays... just you and hubby! :) And the pup as well!

brunettechicagogal said...

Here's to keeping your last name! I fully intend to do the same. Merry Christmas!

Mendy said...

Yep. Christmas is now all about the kids, and not just my own. I got a kick out of my cousin's boy today about how much he LOVED the military aircraft book we got him. So much joy on his face (he's 10ish). Love watching the kids.

Glad you are having a relaxing Christmas! Sounds lovely.

Marathoner in Training said...

those are wonderful ways to relax in FL. Merry Christmas to you

Laurel said...

I never took my husband's last name either. Come to think of it, neither have any of my recently married friends. Do people still do that?

Sounds like you had a great holiday! My family lives in Florida so I can only half-relate to what you are saying. ;)