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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Boxing Day's 5

My 5 miles yesterday were like buttah:

1: 9:38
2: 9:38
3: 9:47
4: 9:52
5: 9:46

Total Time:48:43

I got to run with a new pair of shorts and a new visor I got for Christmas, both by Brooks, and they were super-duper comfy.

This evening, I have a 3 miler on the schedule, and in between, I have to get started with some work for school -- prepping for next term. The last two nights I've had nightmares about being unprepared, so I'd best get some stuff done so my sleep is a little more restful!


Marathoner in Training said...

You mentioned returning some Christmas presents, you should have not returned the purse, I think Java~mom would have taken it off your hands. Good job on the run. I am not a big book fan, but I will occasionally find one that I can not put down.

Marcy said...

Nicely done! ;D

OK about the last post. What is "R B's People" supposed to be about? Since I'm knee deep in "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" type books, it has my interest.

Sweet bag too! Very nice ;D ;D

Triseverance said...

Hey Jess, sounds like you are cranking out some nice smooth base miles. Good work. I so want to see No Country for old Men.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Hi Jess. Just catching up. Looks like you had a great holiday and the running is going really well. Awesome! The run with Wendy sounded so nice. I love the bag and the pic of Scooter. We had a dog nightmare, Nikki got into a bag of Dove chocolates (niece's backpack) and got terribly sick. It was so awful, I actually thought we might lose her. I guess it isn't a proper holiday until someone is throwing up. Give Scooter an extra hug.

Take care!

teacherwoman said...

Nice 5-miler! Rest up!

kelsalynn said...

I can't believe how speedy you are- an easy 5 miles in the same time it takes me to do 4! WOW! You're quick girl!

J~mom said...

I was looking at the temp in your side bar, I can't believe how warm it is there! Nice!

Great job on your 5 miles! Buttah is right!