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Monday, January 16, 2012

21 Most Memorable Moments

So, I begin my week of blog-stalgia (won't you miss my invented vocabulary the most?  if you ask nicely, perhaps I'll over-use "swawesome" this week so that you're also ready to retire that come Saturday) with a simple list of the "21 Most Memorable Moments."  These moments are a combination of my life's highs and lows, laughs, poops, drunkenness, and other brouha, in the past 2,370 days.

21.  Inception: "21 Days" beginning.
20.  Hurricane Wilma.
19.  My first Turkey Trot.
18.  The time I pooped myself.
17.  The time I fell down.
16.  One of the many times I blogged while drunk.
15.  Completing the Disney Marathon.
14.  DNF at the Chicago Marathon.
13.  Completing the Miami HM -- my first HM.
12.  The Princess HM -- my HM PR.
11.  My first post-Norah race.
10.  First post-Caleb race, also known as my 7th consecutive Turkey Trot.
9.  When we got Scooter.
8.  The day we finished remodeling our condo.
7.  My 1st pregnancy announcement.
6.  My post about "running while pregnant."
5.  My 2nd pregnancy announcement.
4.  Calling it quits on running during pregnancy while preggo with Norah.
3.  Ditto with my pregnancy with Caleb.
2.  Gettin' hitched to the Jer-Bear.
and tied for the #1 spot:
1.  Norah's birth and Caleb's birth!

Phew!  That was a fun retrospective, wasn't it?  These are just MY most memorable personal, running, and blogging moments, but some of you have been reading for a loooooong time, so does anyone have a Jess moment that stood out?  And if you're in the mood for hours of nuthin' but good times, scroll through the archive for your own 2,000 posts of Jess-tastic fun -- I'm hilarious!


ajh said...

I just read about 5 of these because I have not been following you anywhere near your whole life as a blogger. I can relate to the no electricity one. We lost it for 5 days the year the Challenger blew up. It had nothing to do with that of course but that is when it happened due to a storm. Plus I had a miscarriage then. It is all intermingled in my brain as an unpleasant time to say the least. I also had to read the poop one!

I will miss your posts and the pics of your kids and dog but do what you need to do! Maybe you'll be back.

Jess said...

Hahah I'm so glad the drunk posts were listed! Those were some of my favorites!

James said...

I didn't start reading your blog until 2 years ago, but I did scan the archives a few times. It seems like the drunken bowling posts were a common favorite.

Gena said...

But, but! I've only just found your blog last week! I guess I'll have to content myself with reading through the archives. I fully understand you're decision to quit blogging - I took about a 6 month hiatus and considered never looking back, myself.

Matt said...

Yeah, what Gena said! I've only just found your blog (and been enjoying it). Snot fair.

Crissy Rae said...

I'll be sad to see your blog go but can understand your decision...it is definitely time-consuming. We'll have to keep in touch via fb and emails.

Carolina John said...

I"m going to miss drogging the most. drunk blogging while bowling was always a crowd pleaser.

Lily on the Road said...

The drunken blogging after bowling were always a classic!

Plus all the kidlet antics...too cute. Awww, little Scooter...I forgot just how cute he was as a puppy. He kind of got lost in the blog posts once the kids came along...give him a hug for me.

Julie D said...

Hahah... the pooping in pants one is hilarious!!

Krissy said...

I love this post, I have read many of your top 21 posts listed but some were totally new to me! I can't get over the Chicago Marathon post, you are so lucky you listened to your body. I had no idea that year it was called off due to the weather conditions. I don't know how you will stop blogging and not miss it though! (trying to keep you, can you tell?!)

Tanya said...

I'm sad you are leaving. I have your blog under my favorites. You are so like me in many ways: a teacher, runner, mom...Norah and Amilio are less than 2 weeks apart, and I started following you when I was pregnant and running with him. I'm secretly hoping it's going to be like when you were preggo with Caleb and just took a break! It would probably be weird if I fb friended you, since I am mainly a lurker, but I do want you to know I have truely enjoyed your writing. Best of luck in the future, maybe you'll be back for your followers!

Marlene said...

I always enjoy your humor & antics. Fun to look back on some of these.. many I have read, but many were before my time reading '21 Days'.