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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm Sick

On Monday I was feeling run down and achy all over, but as I described, I didn't sleep well Monday night. Yesterday, I too felt icky: tired, achy, and, in general, apathetic. Well, today I think I can confirm why I've been feeling this way: I have a cold.

My nose is runny, I have a cough, and I feel icky in a general way. Clearly, this is just an incidental bug -- nothing like the virus I caught over Christmas -- and it's not enough that I can truly justify staying home, yet it's enough to annoy me and cause discomfort.

It sucks to feel sick, but it does make me feel better that the reason I've had the "blah" feeling the last few days is a real reason. Now, I just need it to pass along on its merry way.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blah, blah, blah

Last night I ran a quick 3 miles, and my knee felt fine. But for some reason, I feel out of it this week. Both yesterday and today I have felt tired and worn out, yet I didn't sleep well last night even though I was exhausted.

Maybe it's because it's a nondescript Tuesday at the end of January, maybe it's the change in weather, I don't know, but I'll tell you what I wish I were doing today: Curling up in bed at home.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Self Diagnosis

Most of your comments on yesterday's "knee" post re-confirm that which I read online, in my running books, and in back issues of RW: This is probably an IT band that has been strained. The pain is on the side of my knee, it immediately subsides when I stop running, it doesn't ache when not running, it's not inflamed, and it doesn't lock. Thus, the best remedies include all the things you readers noted I try: ice, aspirin, rest, and stretching.

I think I will do all of those things before consulting a doctor. Hopefully, with proper care, the knee strain will subside and I can continue running without any pain. For today: rest. And tomorrow, well, as my favorite heroine loved to say, "Tomorrow's another day."

Friday, January 26, 2007

I K(need) Some Rest

Today, it is sunny, but it remains cool with highs only reaching into the low 70s. I thought it would make for perfect running weather, so I set out mid-morning for a long run. However, I have to be honest: It was not a great run.

First of all, I'm behind on laundry, so I had to wear the running clothes that I least like, coupled with socks that are truly sub-par. It may sound stupid, but my running outfit really does set the mood, and when I'm in my favorite stuff, I feel like a million bucks, but when I'm in shorts that make me feel chubby and a top that feels too loose, I don't feel on top of my game.

So, part way into the run, the crappy right foot sock slips into my shoe and so my shoe kept rubbing the back of my ankle leaving the skin there raw. But this was truly secondary to the pain in my right knee. Ever since the marathon, my right knee has ached when I run -- but only when I run. There's no pain when I walk, there's no inflammation, and there's no problem bending or stretching it -- it just aches when I run lately. But today it was really hurting while I ran, so at mile 2, I turned around and headed for home, and I ended up walking the last mile to round out 4 total. Harrumph. I had hoped to go much farther.

The knee thing bugs me not because I'm in any excruiating pain, but I'm wondering if it's an irritation that just needs time, ice, stretching, and strength training, or is it something to consult a doctor over? Worrying over the matter as I walked the last mile didn't improve my mood.

Aside from the knee business, I under-estimated how warm I would get. It's cool today, yes, but 70 in the sun while running is still quite warm, and I could feel my little face turn the beet red it does when I'm straining under the warmth of the direct sun. Plus, I knew I should've put on sunblock or worn a hat -- so now there are a few more freckles that could very well one day be skin cancer.

So, I got home feeling hot, disappointed, achy, and possibly cancerous. And to top that off, I looked in the mirror and I seem to have a pimple on my neck! Ugh, tomorrow, I'm resting.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rainy Day Run

This morning when I left for school, it was balmy and warm, but as the day progressed, it got cooler and cloudier. My students complained that it was COLD out! And they hunkered into their hoodies and jackets. Personally, as the day progressed, I was thinking, "Man, this is good running weather!"

So, this afternoon I laced up my shoes and headed out into the "brisk" 60 degree weather for a run. The cool, overcast afternoon was the perfect running temp, and even though I got drizzled on, it felt like a great run. All in all, I ran 5 miles -- the farthest since the marathon, so it was good to get out there today.

Maybe it remain cool for tomorrow's run as well.

It's Raining Smarties!

Last night, I had every intention of getting a run in, but after sitting in traffic for an hour and a half, I didn't much feel like stepping out into the pouring rain for a jog (some days, I completely understand road rage -- one of these days, I'm not going to shoot someone, but I will strangle them with my bare hands). Instead, I settled in for the evening in front the TV and scarfed down about ten rolls of Smarties (my husband saw them and bought a whole bag for me -- I curse and praise him for that purchase). I swear, those colorful little disks of sugar are like tablets of crack! I finally had to put the bag in a drawer.

Eh, some days just don't work out that well for a run.

In good news, I read an article this morning touting the "smart" effects of coffee: Apparently, caffeine is good for your brain, it makes you REAL smart. I can now add that to the long list of coffee's benefits that include: antioxidants, help with weight loss, help with digestion (makes you poo!), and wakes you the fuck up in the morning. Mmmmm, I L-O-V-E coffee.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Chicago, it is!

Chi-town here I come! Last night, my husband and I discussed the two proposed races and he told me simply: "I know that Chicago is the race you want to run, so you should do that." Cool. Case closed, and Chicago it is. Money-wise, we'll just have to include it as part of our vacation budget, so I think it is do-able! Are you guys already jumping out of your pants to meet me? You should be, I'm pretty awesome.

So, while Chicago is on my mind, I do have more pressing races to think about -- like that 1/2 in less than 4 weeks! I have been running regularly, but haven't been putting in any distance. Yesterday, though, I did double duty: ran 3 miles and then walked later in the evening (I'm not sure how far we walked b/c Erin and I first walked the dogs and then walked by ourselves since she felt as though she needed a better workout -- I'm a slow walker and she complained that I was walking at "mall" speed and we needed to pick up the pace -- so I guess we clocked about 3 miles total, 2 at "mall" pace and 1 at "long-legged-Erin" pace).

Therefore, my goal this week is to put in a distance run, nothing real far, but something in the range of 6-8 miles. I figure if I do that, a 10, and a 12 before the 1/2, I should be set to conquer that 1/2 -- but only Feb 18th will tell how that will turn out.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Chicago v. Marine Corps

The retelling of my dream led to more speculation about Chicago this fall, but I don't know if I'm doing Chicago this fall yet (although, I know I should make a decision soon before it fills); I certainly would like to, but right now I'm still on the fence between Chicago and Marine Corps, so maybe you guys should help me decide!

Argument for Chicago: I've never really been there before. I've driven through it (twice), but that doesn't count as actually "being" there (plus, driving through there wasa nightmare both times, and I'd like a better impression). So, it would be fun to not only run the marathon, but to also do the tourist stuff and see the city. And...There are at least 3 RBFers I know of who are running it and I would love the opportunity to meet you guys! And maybe if I sign up, a few more might join us and it could be an RBF mega-gathering!

Argument against Chicago: Mostly a money issue. Chicago means a plane ticket for myself and husband, plus a hotel, food, other expenses, and they add up. And while the cost is certainly manageable, right now, things feel tight in the Jess household, and so I'm being miserly with my money.

Argument for Marine Corps: My dad lives in DC, so it's a good opportunity to visit him, and I can stay for free in his apartment, which is right by Woodley Park and across the street from a Metro station, so costs in general would be much cheaper. Plus, I do love DC and the marathon would be fun -- lots of good things to see.

Argument against Marine Corps: I go to DC often. I spent every summer there while I was growing up and return to visit my dad about once a year, so I don't feel like I'm seeing or going anywhere new. And, my dad might come and visit me here this spring, so I wouldn't miss out on a visit with him.

Otherwise, both races are at the same time of year -- plenty of time to train, and they're both approximately the same size, and are both on my list of marathons to run (and I would, perhaps, get around to running both in time -- but the decision is for THIS year). So, give me your input: Which should I run for the fall of '07?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Running Dream

Last night, I had an odd running/marathon dream. I dreamt that I was running the Chicago marathon, except I was only running the half (which, I don't think Chicago offers a half alongside its full, but dreams are not a place for logic). Anyway, I got there with some other RBFers and we are running very late, so we throw our stuff onto this patch of grass and head for the start. I get to the start, but somehow don't realize that I'm still wearing flip-flops instead of running shoes.

Instead of running back to my abandoned stuff in the grass, I decide to just go ahead and run in my flip-flops (heck, it's "only" 13 miles, right?), but about a mile into the run, the flip-flops are clearly not working out, so I stop at a shoe store -- it just happens to be along the route and it's open. I stop and try on some shoes and decide on a pair, but then have no money to pay for them since my stuff is all back on that random piece of grass. So, get this: I decide to run BACK to the patch of grass to get my money and then back to the store to buy the new running shoes!

I can't recall much else about the dream, but it felt hectic and stressful -- not to mention, completely irrational (if I were to run back for the money, why wouldn't I have just run back for my shoes?). I don't know what prompted the dream, but I also don't know why I was dreaming about serial killers and vampires last week, but I can say that if I do run Chicago, I will be extra careful to remember to put my running shoes on!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

2 Miles with Scooter

Saturday was a busy day for me, as I described, I taught in the morning, and then met some friends for lunch and our "free" facial (one friend had dropped her business card and won a free facial for herself and friends, so she invited me along), but the true nature of the facial was to try and get us to buy the products. I just enjoyed the facial, and especially the 10 minute neck, shoulders, and back massage (although, once again the massage therapist said I have unbelievable knots and need regular massages), and I didn't purchase anything.

So, I didn't get home until supper time, but I wanted to get SOME running in before dinner, so I pulled on my running clothes and was about to head out the door when my husband suggested I take Scooter with me. I reluctantly agreed, since running with Scooter can be such a pain, but I leashed him up and we were off!

With Scooter, there's only one speed: full speed ahead. The first tenth of a mile is pure chaos as he jumps and runs in circles and grabs his leash (he gets all tangled up and we have to stop and unwrap the leash from around his body), but then he settles into a beeline down the sidewalk dragging me behind. In the middle, he often slows down to an easy trot and that's when I can run at my own pace, but once we turn around and he knows he's headed for home, it's a sprint to the finish. So, even though we only ran 2 miles, it was a FAST 2 miles. With Scooter, I get my speedwork done!

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Air conditioner was easily fixed, and it wasn't too costly -- we are now enjoying the comfort of cool, air conditioned air again.

Otherwise, there's not much to report. I am already deviating from my half-marathon running schedule, and instead of running last night, I battled my husband in a 4 hour Risk showdown (I conquered, for the first time ever -- usually my armies fold early in the game and I often times lose in an embarassing manner). And today, I hope to get that run in that I missed yesterday, but I can't guarantee that I will: I have a class to teach until noon and this afternoon, I get to meet some friends for lunch and then trot off for a free facial! After all that, who knows if I'll be up for a run.

Hope everyone else is being a better runner than I!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

"I want to quit the gym!"

Whenever I think of canceling my gym membership, I think of that episode of "Friends" where Chandler wants "to quit the gym." But he lacks the gumption to do it, so Ross goes with him, and ends up getting a membership as well. It's just hilarious. Anyway, I figure I'll think on it until the end of the month (and maybe re-watch that episode on DVD for research purposes) -- I've already paid from the 9th of Jan through the 9th of Feb, so why not see how much I use it in the next few weeks? If I'm still not attending, I'll cancel before the next month is automatically withdrawn from my checking account (if you've seen the "Friends" episode, you'll remember that Ross and Chandler decide to cut the gym off "at the source" -- the bank, but they wind up with a joint checking account instead -- really, the antics are priceless on that show).

In other news, our air conditioner went kaput, so that meant it was hot in our condo last night. Thankfully, it rained yesterday, so the air outside was nice and cool when I went for my evening run -- just a short 2 miles. In many places this time of year, it's best to have your house warmer than the outdoors, but it FL, it is almost never desirable. The air people come this afternoon: Cross your fingers that it is the fast, cheap kind of fix and not the expensive, lengthy kind.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gym Dilemma

So, I can't quite decide if I should keep my gym membership or not, so I thought I'd bring the question to the trusted blogosphere and see what the general consensus is.

I haven't been to the gym in at least four months, maybe five. I hate doing my running on the treadmill -- really, truly, just don't like it -- so I always run outdoors; however, I used to use the gym primarily for classes like spinning and yoga. And while I'd like to return to doing some of that exercise, I don't know if it's worth it to pay a membership and go to a class once a week, or, in my case, once every few months.

And really, yoga can be done at home with DVDs and I have weights at home too -- I do not, however, have a spinning studio (but, I have friends who have a bike in their garage).

Should I keep paying the gym membership? ($34.98 a month) Or, do I cancel it and keep the money all to myself? Help me decide!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gravity Gets Me Again

Last night, I bypassed a short run in order to go for a walk with my husband and dog (my husband hardly ever wants to go for a walk, so I have to take advantage when I can). We were walking along, having a perfectly nice debate about what color to paint the kitchen, when BAM! I was on the ground.

I slid in some clay-like mud and my feet went out from under me and I was on my butt in the grass (Scooter hovered above me to see if I was alright -- he also took advantage of me at that level to lick me on the mouth). My husband just stood there looking at me with an expression that was both surprised and not-surprised rolled into one.

What can I say? I guess I don't have to be running to fall victim to gravity.

Monday, January 15, 2007


I have the day off today -- thank you Baby Jesus -- and my plan is to celebrate Dr. King by doing nothing all day long because that's my dream.

Yesterday's bowling was loads of fun, but I sucked it up out there on the lanes. And between the beer and the awesome burgers afterward, I was very sleepy by the time we got home: I read for a bit and was asleep by, I swear to you, 8:30 pm! And I didn't get up this morning until 9 am!! I must've been very tired.

Today, like I mentioned, is going to be easy going. I have a 3 mile run scheduled and I'll get to it -- later. For now, I'm gonna chill on the back porch with a delicious cup of coffee and finish reading my book. I love holidays!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Back to a Schedule

Today was my first run since the marathon a week ago. According to Hal Higdon, you can begin running again after a marathon three days after the race, but I wasn't that ambitious. I decided to take a full week off because, well, because I wanted to. I haven't had a full week off of running in a long time, and it was relaxing and rejuvenating to take some time away from near daily running.

I went 3 miles today, nice and slow, and despite the fact that I got rained on a little, it was a good run.

I also planned out a schedule for myself for the next 7 weeks in order to prepare for the next three races I have on my list: the primary race being the half marathon on February 18th. It was nice to enjoy a little time off after the marathon, but it's even nicer being a girl with a plan.

Alrighty, I'm off to a birthday bowling extravaganza this afternoon -- cross your fingers for my game, I haven't played since league ended last August!

Friday, January 12, 2007

You Have to be a Bit C-R-A-Z-Y

...to come off a marathon that you thought would kill you and then turn around and sign up for a half, but that is exactly what I have just done!

I am going to run the A1A half marathon on February 18th here in Ft. Lauderdale, and that means I have 37 days to train for it.

I figure that it's probably easier to come out of the marathon and turn around and train for a half rather than waiting and letting myself return to pre-marathon conditioning before building back up (I'm strong right now! I mean, look at that picture! Have you seen muscles like that before?), but it does feel a little reckless -- and exciting!

As I said in my marathon post, I felt really good at the half point, and I think the half is a great distance, so I want to test it out; plus, it's hard to pass up an opportunity that is literally in your backyard (I think next year, I'd like to run the A1A full marathon, so this also gives me a way of seeing what the event is like -- if I like it, I'll return next year for the full, if I hate it, I won't do it next year).

Right now, it feels really good to have that goal in front of me again!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Does anyone know?

Why, when I click on Running Rabbit's link on my blog, I get redirected to some "knee exercises" page? And the url will start correctly with her address, but then I get sidelined to a place I don't want to be. My link has always functioned properly before, what has happened? Has anyone else tried accessing her page?

RR, are you out there?

*Edit: Read MN Firefly's blog to find RR. That's how I found her.*

*Edit, Edit: I changed my link on the sidebar to reflect RR's new address, so now we can all find her.*

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Fly on the Run

So, I'm always a little paranoid that one day I'm gonna walk into class with my pants unzipped, so I am somewhat obsessive about double checking it, and today my paranoia was not unfounded. I emerged from the bathroom -- not the stall, the bathroom -- did a quick zipper check, and, oops, it was down!

Quickly, I re-zipped and got on my way, but now I am super freaked that I'm gonna walk into a class with my fly down. That would be worse than the time I tripped and fell down in front of a class.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Official Race Results

5 mile: 55:41

10 Mile: 1:54:55

Half: 2:35:40

20 Mile: 4:28:32

Finish: 6:26:14

So, as you can see, I was on track at first -- averaging 11 minute miles, which was about what I was hoping for -- but then, things started to deteriorate. The second half of the marathon took one and a half times longer than the first half, and it's quite clear from the time that what I described at mile 20 was pretty much a break down of all aspects.

Eh, I still finished.

However, this is precisely why I want to do another one sometime later in the year (by then, hopefully, the soreness will have dissipated). I want to do it better.

Monday, January 08, 2007


Now that the Disney Marathon is behind me, it's time to look forward to the year ahead of me in 2007 and decide on some running resolutions. I have lots on my mind for what I'd like to accomplish, but I decided to narrow my goals down to the follow for 2007:

1. Run another marathon. Either one of the following: Chicago, Marine Corps, or Twin Cities. They are all in October, so I can only choose one. I guess I'll just need to look carefully at each and determine which is the best choice for me this year.

2. Run a half marathon. After this marathon, I can see how the half is such an appealing distance. I was feeling great at 13.1 miles: It's a challenging distance, yet not as exhausting as the full marathon, and I think it would be fun to run one. I would like to search for one that takes place in either April or May, so I'll have to look carefully.

3. Improve on my 5K time. The 5K is my most practiced race, and I do enjoy the short distance, but I'd like to better my time. Currently, my PR is 28:28, and even if I shave off 30 seconds, I'd be pleased.

4. Branch out and try some new races. I tend to stick with the same races and distances, but I'd like to try some new distances and locations. Some distances that I'm looking at: 10K, 4 miler, 10 miler, and 5 miler. Dates and locations to be determined.

Lastly, a non-running goal: Return to some other forms of exercise. I love running, I do, but that's all I've been doing for the past 18 weeks. I'd like to return to some spinning classes, some yoga, and weights. Strangely enough, those activities might turn me into a better runner!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I did it!

That's right, my friends, I finished! I was a little slower than I wanted -- finished in 6:30 -- but I finished and that's all I care about!

So, for the report:

Race day started this morning at 2:30 am when I got up and prepared to get ready to be at the start at the assigned 4 am -- it was damn early, but I actually beat my alarm out of bed because I was ready to go. At 6 am, we were all lined up in the appropriate places, the anthem was preformed, and then there were fireworks, and we were off! That first mile was awesome: The adrenline had me fired up and the crowd was wild with excitement. We started near Epcot, so our first miles were through Epcot and it was so cool because it was still dark, but everything was lit up and it was so much fun.

At mile 8, we entered the Magic Kingdom, and I have to say, hands down, that was my favorite part. There wasn't anything that compared to running down "Main Street USA" and through Sleeping Beauty's castle, and the crowd there was amazing. By mile 12, we were headed out of the Magic Kingdom and I was feeling really good, but at about mile 15, I started to wear out, and at 16, I felt exhausted. It was a long road into Animal Kingdom, and it was just past there, at mile 20, when I just wanted to fall into the grass alongside the road and die. Seriously, I know that 20 feels like I'm almost there and I should've been excited, but I had to face the fact that I really wanted to be done, so much so that I really wanted to just quit and have them cart me to the end.

At mile 21, I cried a little bit in pain, frustration, and fear.

My legs hurt so bad that I had to stop and stretch every half a mile; my feet ached, my guts were churning, I was unbelievably hot, and I just felt wiped out:physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Needless to say, the last 10K was mostly a walk effort (and I'm a slow walker). Once we entered MGM, I knew I had it in me to finish, but I was in a lot of pain as we passed through MGM and re-entered Epcot. By that time, I didn't even care about passing through Epcot; I just wanted to cross the finish line and collapse into my husband.

I crossed the finish, and immediately burst into (stiffled) sobs of relief and pride -- I actually did it, I could hardly believe it was true; it was one of the best feelings of my life, and I guess all the pain was made worthwhile by that moment.

I'm home now -- we drove back this afternoon -- and I am incredibly sore: My feet hurt, one toe nail is definitely going to fall off, I have a blister, my knees hurt to bend, and I'm hobbling around like I'm 80. But I did it, I really did do it -- it doesn't quite feel real yet.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Off to See Mickey!

"My bags are packed, I'm ready to go": Did my last run yesterday afternoon, packed my weekend bag, dropped the dog off with some friends, and now we're ready to head to Orlando, but before I go, I want to share some "thanks" for those who helped me get to this point (careful, this is gonna be like an Oscar acceptance speech: sappy and lengthy!). A runner certainly runs alone in many ways, but even someone training alone, like myself, doesn't do this kind of training by herself -- she needs a team of supporters cheering her on. Without mine, I wouldn't be getting ready for such a feat on Sunday.

First off, I'd like to thank my husband -- the unsung hero of my training. The training has taken me away from him physically, mentally, and emotionally: I'm sure he would have preferred that at the end of a work day I would have stayed home with him instead of running out the door to get my run in, but he never said anything; instead, he encouraged me and always asked about the running. I'm also sure he would have preferred countless conversations about something other than running or marathons, yet he never switched the topic when I droned on about both. Running has become a big part of my life over the past 18 months and this marathon has been an even bigger part in the past 4 months, but instead of resenting the time and effort I spend on it, my husband has only supported my interest. I wouldn't be headed to Disney if it weren't for him. Of course, he is the one who's driving.

Secondly, I'd like to thank my friends: All of them here in South Florida, all of them back in MN, and all of them scattered in a few other states! Everyone has taken a keen interest in my 'thon experience and they have continously offered support and encouragement that has been invaluable (some of the guys even so generously offered to have me run to the strip club to pick them up -- ahh, you can't buy friends like that!). And I would especially like to thank Erin, who knew that I was nervous this week and has thus peppered me with emails, calls, and a sushi dinner to help pep me up and encourage me -- she will probably worry enough for the both of us, so maybe I won't need to as much -- thanks Erin!

Third, I'd like to thank my family and my husband's family -- all of whom I know will be thinking of me on Sunday morning and who, I know, love me if I finish or not!

And lastly, a HUGE thanks to my fellow RBFers!! When I started this blog a year and a half ago, I could've never imagined that I would become part of such a tight knit running community! Everyone's advice, suggestions, help, encouragement, humor, and support have made this marathon training, and before that -- all of this running -- so much easier. Even though I've never met any of you in person, I feel like I have a big team of friends out there, so thanks -- it's been invaluable to have you all!

Alright, I think that's it! Thanks again, and I'll report to you on Sunday! Cross your fingers for me!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

It May Seem Silly, but...

...now that I have planned my marathon outfit, I feel more prepared.

I would show you a picture of my outift, but either Blogger or my home computer is being a be-atch and I can't seem to load the pic.

Anyway, I am wearing my fav Nike shorts with a Reebok short-sleeved technical shirt which should do its duty and wick away all that sweat, my fav Brooks sports bra (I know, I'm mixing many brands, but I'm not loyal like that), a new pair of Balega socks (I heart them -- they are awesome) and my Brooks shoes, which are relatively new -- bought them about three weeks ago (new enough to be radical, but broken in enough to, hopefully, leave me blister-free).

So, I'm set.

The forecast in Orlando calls for a nice day, so I think these choices will work well.

Gotta go: I need to get my last short run in, and pack the rest of my stuff. I'll leave you with a short post tomorrow and then I'm off to Disney!!

P.S. I don't pick up my bib and race packet until I get to the Expo, but my race # on my packet info is 6978, not sure if that will be my actual bib # or not, but it bodes well: "69" always an awesome #, and "78" is my birth year, also tubular (yes, I'm trying to bring back Ninja Turtle talk). So, if you are so inclined to track me via the Internet on Sunday, you can use that #.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Numbers, Some of Them

Days until the marathon: 4.

Hours until the marathon: 86.

Number of training runs left: 2.

Miles left to run in training: 6.

Number of miles to Disney: 180.

Miles to run in the marathon: 26.2

Estimated hours to run marathon: 5 1/2.

Number of miles from Disney back home: 180.

Amount I am freaking out: unmeasurable.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Warm Air...Ahhh!

I ran yesterday for the first time back in FL and it felt wonderful! The air was so deliciously warm and moist, I could have kissed it. I guess it takes running in a different climate to appreciate the weather I get to enjoy here all year round.

P.S. The marathon dreams (or, "nightmares"?) have commenced: So far, I have dreamt that I slept through the marathon, dreamt that I started late, and dreamt that I forgot hair ties and had to run with my hair all over the place. I suspect dreams involving my clothing or shoes are next.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

This is probably the first new year in many new years where I didn't wake up feeling hungover -- that has to mean something good, right? My husband and I decided to stay home last night and do, well, nothing. We were so exhausted from our trip that we just didn't feel up to a party, so we stayed in and made ourselves snacks for dinner and watched the 4th season of "Scrubs" on DVD (one of my x-mas gifts). I was in bed at 12:01!

I am not making any resolutions as of now; I do have some running goals and resolutions I'd like to add to my list and think about, but right now, I can't think of those, I have to totally focus on Sunday's marathon, which is pretty much consuming my thoughts all the time anyway. Once I get through Sunday, then I can think about future races, times, goals, etc, but for now -- all I can think about is finishing that race. (As a side note: Has everyone read Kristin Armstrong's article in RW about Lance's NYC marathon? I thought it was a great article, and she was the perfect one to write it.)

Okay, so thinking and talking about the marathon leads me to two questions I have for the RBF:

1. What should I wear marathon day? The race begins at 6 am (I have to be at the start gate at 4 am! UGH!) so it will be cool then -- probably in the 50 degree range, but it will get warm -- probably in the 70 degree range and it's FL, so it's always slightly humid, and I will certainly take 5 hours to run the race (and I'm running, and I'm a sweat monkey!). So, I definitely want to wear shorts, but what kind of shirt? And should I start with a sweatshirt or long sleeved shirt? What's your professional opinions?

2. I always run with my MP3 player, but I see many people who, during a race such as this, are not running with music. The Disney stuff says nothing about MP3's being off-limits, and I think I need my tunes! What say you guys? Do you cart the music with you to marathons? Is it kosher to keep the music during the race?