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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Streaking: The Good Stuff

Running the 100 day streak certainly provided me with new ways in which I think about running and what my body is capable of on a daily basis. From those new discoveries, I have lots to share in terms of what I found valuable and meaningful about streaking, and what I think is potentially destructive and/or meaningless.

Because I find that while drafting this I can't be concise, I have decided to break this subject into two posts. So, to start:

The Good Stuff

First and foremost, the streak taught me a new kind of discipline.

Like most runners, I don't always want to run. Most days I do run because: I am following a training schedule, it makes me feel good, I want to burn off a burrito indulgence, etc. But, there have been days a-plenty when I should have run but chose instead to skip it. And those days I skipped weren't necessarily for good reason: Sometimes I skipped simply because I "didn't wanna!"

But, with a streak, there is no "don't wanna" opt out. "Don't wanna?" Too bad! Go do it!

So, within 100 days, I learned to run through nearly every potential roadblock: Bad attitude, fatigue, sickness, boredom, my child's sickness, travel, re-modeling, bad weather, and busy days. Therefore, I discovered that, really, there are very few excuses to avoid exercise, and fitting it in most often just demands creativity, flexibility, and discipline. Learning that I was capable of these qualities was immeasurably valuable to me, and it gave me the confidence to think like this: "If I can run through _______, then I can run through ________." Once I filled in the blanks, I figured out there was little that I couldn't run through.

Also, streaking helped give me a new appreciation for my body's strengths.

Running has always made me grateful to be physically strong and healthy, and it has enabled me to value my body for what it can do, not restrict myself to just thinking about how I look (although, it's my opinion that running only improves that perspective as well). But, streaking took this to a new level because it demanded that I run through fatigue and exhaustion, and it didn't allow me a day to rest. Thus, I discovered that I was stronger than I thought.

What I discovered was that I could do this, and this gave me a new appreciation for my body and its abilities. But, it also gave me a greater appreciation for the power of mental fortitude: It really is mind over matter on most days.

Lastly, streaking helped provide me with motivation to get out there and simply run.

Summer has always been a hard time for me to be motivated to run: There are very few races here that time of year, and the weather makes running difficult and uncomfortable. So, in the past, I've often seen my mileage take a nose dive in June, July, and August. But this year, with the streak, I had months that, for the first time in a long time, matched my winter mileage. And, streaking made meeting those mileage goals easy: I had just one, simple task. Run. Every day.

So, for the most part, I found the experience to be enriching and rewarding. And it is certainly an experiment I may consider tackling again, perhaps next summer. But, there were also drawbacks to the streak, and it's because of some of these drawbacks that I felt it was best -- for me -- to end the streak at 100 days. I'll discuss those drawbacks in my next post.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All Sorts of Stuff

Things have been a whirlwind in the Jess and Jer-Bear household as of late, primarily because we (read: Jerry) have been working like well-oiled machines getting the bathroom remodel finished. Thankfully, last night at about 9 pm, we were both able to finally sit down and survey the accomplishment: A finished bathroom.

Pictures will be forthcoming.

The big push to finish was prompted by today's arrival of my SIL, who is staying with us for a week. We wanted it done before she got here, and while it is done, other household cleaning that I like to have done before houseguests arrive was ignored. So our home is not as clean as I'd like to be for her arrival. I know she won't care, but I care. Oh well, these are the small things I just have to let go of.

Lastly, I think I chose the perfect timing for ending the streak since a Tropical Storm rolled in yesterday, and it's been a downpour for the past 48 hours. And, yes, I took yesterday completely off running and I do believe I will also be resting today. It feels good to not have to run. Plus, I think a few days away from it will help restore my desire to want to get back to it; I was losing that desire at the end of the streak.

I have other thoughts on the streak that I'd like to share, plus there are those bathroom pics and a review or two that have been sitting on the back burner for awhile, so I have lots of blog material, now I just need to find a few spare moments to write it all out!

Monday, September 27, 2010

The 100th Day

This morning's 3 miler marked the 100th consecutive day of running in this streak. And despite its distinction, it was pretty much like the previous 99 days of running.

Here I am pre-run: And Norah pre-run:
Norah hasn't accompanied me on every single run in the past 100 days, but she has been present for the large majority, so it seemed fitting to have her along this morning. And Pink Bear too. He goes with us most places these days.

And, here's my sweaty self post-run: The picture doesn't really demonstrate my level of sweatitude, but that's probably for the best because it's gross.

And this is really the best I can snap of Norah post-run:
She doesn't sit still much these days unless she's sleeping or strapped into her stroller or car seat.

So, that's it. 100 days of running. Done.

Tomorrow, I rest.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Almost There

With the current tile installation, life at home as been hectic. Thus, why my runs in the past two days have been short and at odd times. Certainly, it's circumstances such as these that would make a treadmill handy.

As of today's run, I'm at 96 days in the streak, so less than a handful of days before I reach 100, and I have to admit that I'm struggling a bit even though I know that the end is within sight (and, yes, I think 100 days will be the end of this streak). I feel like the last week or two have been comparable to the last 10K of a marathon, and it's required all of my mental fortitude and determination to see this streak through until its desired conclusion. But, I know I can make it to 100 days, and I hope to do so with some stronger, longer runs this weekend.

But if nothing else, I'm gonna army crawl to the end of this streak if I have to.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


And 3, actually.

See, as of Monday's run, my yearly mileage hit a nice, round 700. And then yesterday, I ran another 3, so the year's mileage now sits at 703. With a little more than 3 calendar months left in 2010, I think I shall aim to hit 1,000 miles. That means, of course, maintaining an average of 100 miles a month for the remainder of the year.

Challenge extended...challenge accepted!

In other news, the people who are installing the tile in our bathroom are supposed to start this afternoon, and yesterday, they dropped off the materials. Yeah, it's been fun trying to keep Norah off this stuff:And, let's be honest: A better mom would keep her child off of the building materials instead of taking pictures of her child climbing on said materials.

The tile is the last major component of the bathroom remodel. Right now, things look like this: Below is a pic from the hallway of the master bedroom into the bathroom. We have a weird master bath -- to the right is a walk-in closet and to the left is a vanity, and then, straight ahead is the bathroom itself.
Here's the bathroom with the new (so shiny and clean!) counter tops, cabinets, and fixtures:
And here's the view from the opposite side of the bathroom: New tub, tile is gonna be all along the wall there around the tub.
So, yeah: It's looking good so far. But, I'm so ready for this remodeling project to be finished, and once the tile is in, finishing should be pretty fast. This has been a project that has lasted about 2 months now, and while I know that construction messes are just part and parcel of a remodel, and they are temporary, it's been hard to live with this mess in our bedroom:
Yes, that's a table saw under some of the piled materials, and yes, that's the bathroom door leaned against the footboard of our bed. If you were to walk around to the other side of the bed, you'd be greeted by an air compressor.

I'm a pretty patient person, and a pretty flexible person: I understand that I just have to go with the flow of things. But after 2 months, a girl no longer wants to have to step around a table saw to get to the dresser. You know?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Keys Camping: The Running

Saturday morning, Norah and I were up before the sunrise -- which isn't that early considering the sun is currently rising at about 7:20 am here in South Florida -- and it was certainly scenic to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic. Other campers in our party soon followed suit, and we all began the leisurely task of making camp coffee and breakfast. A friend actually brought espresso and a camp-modified espresso maker, so I got to have a latte while sitting ocean-side; and, Jerry made an awesome "big breakfast." So, it was about 9 am before I got dressed in my running clothes and readied myself for my day's run.

By this time, the sun had been up for an hour and half, and it was easily in the high 80s, and I was already sweating as I changed into my shorts and sports bra. Everyone else in the crew was in their swimsuits and heading out into the water while I was heading out to run.

There were a few "Jess is crazy" comments.
We were camping in a state park, so I decided to run some nature trails on the other half of the park -- away from the camp sites. Part of the trails were a boardwalk that took me over and through some swampy marshland, but then I came upon the actual dirt trails, and those took me out along the ocean. Granted, it wasn't beach running (the Keys actually don't have notable beaches -- common misconception; they have narrow strips of beach, but it's not like the wide, sugar sand beaches that can be found along FL's mainland beaches), but it was close enough. I wish I had brought my camera along, but alas, I had left it back at our campsite, so sorry: No pics of this run.

While the scenery was enjoyable, the temp and the sun were not. I was pouring sweat and was really uncomfortable running under the sun's direct rays, so I only ran 2.5 miles and then returned to our campsite.

There were showers and bathrooms at our site, but I opted instead to hop into my swimsuit and take Norah out into the water for a dip instead. Thankfully, the morning's water was cool and refreshing (by late afternoon, it was the temp of bath water), so it felt good to get into the ocean to cool off post-run.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Keys Camping 2010

We got home this afternoon from our camping trip to the Keys, and now that we've had the chance to un-pack and wash the layers of sweat, sunscreen, bug spray, and camp fire off of us, we're ready to just chillax in the cool of A/C for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Right now, Norah and Scooter are crashed out napping, and Jerry and I are watching a disappointing Vikings game.

The camping was great, and we had a fun weekend. Norah was a great camper, and she seemed to enjoy the idea of basically living at the beach for 2 days. Of course, it will take days to wash the sand off of everyone and everything, but that's South Florida camping.

Here are some pics:

Now, I have to go vacuum half the beach out of my car. Good times, good times.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 90

This morning, my intention was to run 8 miles. That didn't happen.

Instead, I did 3.

I got a late start, and with a gazillion things to get done this morning before we leave for the Keys this afternoon, I just felt like I didn't have the time to run longer. I feel bad because I have really been shorting myself on long runs, and haven't run anything longer than 7 miles in a long time. This wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't have a HM on Halloween.

I'm getting the kind of weekly mileage in that I normally would for a half, but almost all of my runs are short. So, I know I'm shorting myself on that training, but what can I say? Life has simply been too busy the past few weeks, and when I'm pressed for time, 30 minutes sure seems more economical that 80 minutes out of my day.

Anyway, I got the run done, so at least the streak continues on. Today marks day 90! Just 10 more days until I reach the 100 milestone.

Alrighty, that's all the time I have for today because I still have to finish some packing and clean the house before Jerry and Norah get home at lunch. And then we're off! It's funny because I think we are packing more stuff for 2 days of camping than we did when we went to MN for 3 weeks last spring! We may need a U-Haul to cart it all down to the Keys.

Enjoy your weekends! I'm gonna spend mine parked in a camping chair on the beach with a beer. Norah can entertain herself. Right?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Grump

After a few good nights of sleep, Norah went and screwed with me last night by waking up at midnight, 3 am, 4 am, 5:30 am and then for good at about 6:15 am. I don't know what was up with that, so I will chock it up to randomness and hope it doesn't repeat too frequently. For the most part, she's always been a good, solid sleeper, but ever since we went to MN a few weeks ago, her sleep quality seems hit and miss.

Anyway, she was perfectly chipper and full of energy this morning, but I was not. In fact, I was a Grumpapotamus, whose grumpiness couldn't even be cured by coffee. So, I certainly did NOT want to run; however, Thursday is my busy day -- classes until 9 pm -- so opting out of the morning run and chosing an evening run was not an option today.

So, what I'd do?

Took Norah and my bad mood for a run. The bad mood was probably more burdensome than Norah, but the run did help to shake that off some. It was a slow 3 miler, but that's fine -- I considered it a recovery run after last night's 6 miler.

Tomorrow morning, Norah is going to daycare in the morning so I have time to finish some of our packing and readying for our weekend camping trip to the Keys, and I also plan on getting an early 8 miler in so I don't have to worry about running anything long while we're camping. I'll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

6 Things About My 6 Miler

1. It was buggy. I'm still digging their small carcasses out of my eyeballs.

2. I think I'm beginning to like the iPod's controls on the earbud wires. I can't say why, but I am warming to them.

3. I wish I had taken water. By the end, I was parched.

4. The "feels like" temp was 90. Yup, that's September in South Florida.

5. The one signal that the season is changing is that it is getting darker earlier. I got back from the evening's run at 7:30, and it was already nearly dark.

6. I finished my 6 miler in 59:09, which is a 9:48 min/mile pace. I started out a little too fast (9:23 pace) and then slowly tired out. But, anytime I cruise in at a sub-10 min/mile pace, I'm pleased.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Catching Up

Norah is doing better.

She hasn't had a fever since Sunday night, and last night, she slept better than she had the previous 3 nights, so the anitbiotics must be doing their work. She went to her regular pediatrician yesterday, and even though she didn't love getting re-examined, I took comfort from seeing her regular physician and having him confirm what the urgent care pediatrician diagnosed. Not that the urgent care physician is any less a legitimate doctor, but...it's tough entirely trusting them.

Anyhoo, she's on the mend, and that's the important thing. (She has 4 days until we go camping, so she needs to make sure she's in tip-top shape for her first foray into "roughing it"!)

So, I ran a 3 miler last night on my own, and this morning, Norah and I did another 3 miler. So far, my mileage for September is really piddly, and it's already the middle of the month, so I hope to try and fit a few longer, solo runs in later in the week.

As of today's run, I have 87 consecutive runs invested in this streak: 13 more days until the big 100! I can do it, I can do it, I can do it...

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Bare Minimum

Turns out, Norah has an ear infection.

Yesterday afternoon when she got up from her nap, I picked her up and she was BURNING up. I took her temp and it was 100 degrees, so I packed her up and we headed to a pediatric urgent care. There, her temp was 102.9! With ear infections in both ears and a terrible cough, we went home with prescriptions for antibiotics and a nebulizer.

This is the first time she's ever had a fever or any kind of infection, and I feel terrible for not taking her in on Saturday, but with her, it honestly is tough to tell that she's sick because she pretty much acts like her normal self -- she's cheerful and playful, she eats well, she wasn't pulling on her ears. The only truly telling detail that she felt really sick was that her sleep was off all weekend. Otherwise, seriously, it just seemed like a mild cold -- or maybe even teething.

Today she can't go to daycare, so Jerry is gonna come home at lunch and be with her for the afternoon while I'm in class, and I am gonna get her in to her regular pediatrician for a follow up exam today (the urgent care people were nice and thorough, but there was a distinct difference between being treated there and being treated with our regular physician; plus, they sent us home with the recommendation to see her regular pediatrician today anyway).

So, last night, I was wiped out. It had taken nearly 2 hours at the urgent care. Then, I had to run to Walgreens for her prescriptions, and then I guess a lack of sleep just caught up to me, because I did NOT want to run last night. It was the first time in this streak that I truly, truly didn't want to go. And, honestly, I felt as though I simply didn't care if the streak ended there.

But Jerry told me: "You can do what you want, but I think if you don't go, you'll regret it. Just go do some thing."

So, I did the bare minimum: a 1 miler. Haven't pulled that out since July 4th, so I suppose it was acceptable to do so, and I have that bare minimum in place for days just like the one I had yesterday: In case of emergency, a 1 miler keeps the streak alive.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Girls Weekend

First of all, thanks for all of the encouraging comments on my last post. They were appreciated! I heard back from the student who had the seizure, and she let me know that she had been released from the hospital the evening of the incident and that she was recuperating just fine. So, that was a relief.

As for the rest of my weekend, it was just Norah and I since Jerry was out of town for a "man weekend" with his friends. So, what kind of exciting things did we do? Went to the park and ran errands during the day on Saturday, and then Saturday evening we went to a BBQ that the dean of my department was hosting. That was fun, and Norah got to hob-nob with all of my colleagues, and she was very good, especially considering that I kept her up past her bedtime.

Then, today, we went to a birthday pool party, and Norah had tons of fun. Our friends' backyard is pretty much the 1 year old's equivilent of Disneyland -- they have a pool, a kiddie pool, a playhouse, a swingset, and a water table. So, here's Norah enjoying the b-day party fun:

We actually just got home from that, and now Norah is crashed out for a nap -- cross your fingers it's a long one because she needs it! Despite the weekend's fun, she has been recovering from a cold, and she hasn't been sleeping well at night; last night, in particular, was rough for both of us. She was up at 11, 1, 4, 5, and then up for good at 7. No bueno.

On the running front, I ran a quick 3 miler Friday afternoon while she was at daycare (especially quick for me these days -- I finished in 28:26, and considering that I went at 2:30 pm and the temps were in the mid-90s, that's not shabby). Then, she and I went for a short 3 miler yesterday morning. And today? Well, I wasn't feeling "up" to a run earlier this morning after our rather disruptive night of sleep, but Jerry returns home this afternoon, so this evening I plan on getting out for a solo run, and I'd like to do about 6 miles

Friday, September 10, 2010

Classroom Emergency

Last night, in class, one of my students had a seizure.

It was the very beginning of class, like within the first minute. I was standing near the front, getting ready to distribute their quiz, when she began convulsing in her chair. She was in a desk in the front row, so I quickly threw the quizzes down on my desk at the front of the room and went to her side. Two other students quickly responded, and between the 3 of us, we were able to ensure that she didn't fall out of her chair or smack her head. One other student called 911, and another student called campus safety and security.

The seizure only lasted about a minute, maybe two, but it felt like forever. Then, after her convulsions subsided, she slipped into unconsciousness. She was breathing evenly then and she had a strong pulse, so I figured that all had to be good. She had a light sweater with her, so one student balled it up and put it under her head, and I remained next to her, along with another student, and we just held her gently so that she didn't slip out of her chair. I don't know much about how to treat someone who has experienced a seizure, but I figured it was best not to move her and to just wait for the paramedics to arrive.

A few minutes later, she woke up, but she was disoriented, confused, and seemed lack any verbal ability. I told her where she was, who I was, and told her that help was on the way, but I'm not sure if she comprehended anything I said. I remained next to her, gently patting her back, and telling her that everything was okay. Then, as she became more aware, she collapsed into me and wrapped her arms around me and leaned her entire weight against me and began sobbing. I held onto her and continue to rub her back and repeat soothing phrases, like "It's okay, you're okay. Everything's gonna be alright."

By this time, other students had returned to their seats and just sat quietly. Soon, the EMTs arrived. They asked me a few brief questions, and then carefully loaded her onto a stretcher and wheeled her out of the classroom. Security lingered behind and asked me a few additional questions, and then they too left. The whole thing probably lasted 20 minutes, yet it felt like it had taken hours.

After the paramedics and security left, I found myself facing 20-something expectant faces. What should we do now? I felt like the choice shouldn't entirely be mine, so I asked them to vote. There were less than a handful who voted to stay and carry on with our evening's work as planned; the rest -- a clear majority -- voted that the incident was too much of a distraction for them to continue on for the evening. So I thanked them for their help, as well as their patience, and then we all left.

Once I got back to my office, I sat down, called Jerry, and then cried. I don't know exactly why I cried, but in that moment, I felt overwhelmed by emotion. And still, this morning, typing this, my eyes fill with tears even recalling the event. I can't pinpoint exactly why it all felt so traumatic, but I suppose it's a combination of feeling surprised, terrified, and then finally, relieved.

Since then, this student has been on my mind. I sent her an email (her college account is the only contact information I have for her), but I don't know if she'll check it or respond. I spoke with my department dean this morning and he assured me I did everything I was supposed to do. And, thinking back on the incident, I know I reacted calmly and with my best intentions, but I can't help but wonder if there was, or is, something I could have done differently, or something I should be doing now in response. I don't know what hospital she was taken to, and I don't have contact info but her email address, so I'm not sure what options there would be for me to reach out to her, but I still feel as though there should be something within my means.

In the end, I suppose it's natural to second guess my reaction in a stressful situation, but I think I did the best I could. I also really appreciated the students' responses and reactions. A few of them, in particular, reacted with grace and speed, and made the situation much easier to handle. Additionally, all of them respectfully sat and waited patiently while we were all awaiting the arrival of the paramedics, and then after all the commotion was over, they silently waited for me to dictate how we should proceed. I'm not certain how they judged my reaction, but I'm thankful for theirs.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

82 Days and Still Streakin

I have been a bad blogger as of late: I haven't been posting much or reading and commenting much, but that's because life has been busy, not because I'm not running. In fact, as of today's 3 miler, I have logged 82 consecutive days of running.

At this point, you can probably guess that I have my eye on 100 days, but we'll see. I'm trying not to be too restrictive in my goals right now.

I've discovered that streaking is no different from a typical running schedule: Some days you love running and are eager to get out there and do it, and other days, you feel like skipping it. The difference -- for me -- is that with the streak, even when I don't feel like it, I still go out and do it. So, if nothing else, I think streaking has instilled a new kind of discipline in me.

That, or it just speaks to the power of habit, I don't know.

Monday, September 06, 2010

New iPod Shuffle

I don't always run with music. In fact, I mostly run without it since I run most of my runs with Norah, and I don't listen to music when running with her -- I like to be able to hear her. However, when I run solo, it's a treat for me to listen to my iPod and, I know that some people dismiss this, but I think I run better with music.

A few weeks ago, my iPod Shuffle took a digger. It was 2 and 1/2 years old -- in iPod years, that's like 99 -- and after getting thoroughly soaked on a rainy run, it could never fully be resurrected, and I had to accept its passing. Since the old Shuffle's demise, I've been running sans music, and I've missed it, so this weekend, I bought myself a new Shuffle! After running with it over the weekend, I have some thoughts about its new design and configuration.
To begin with, the new device is smaller and slimmer than the previous model, but the previous model was pretty small to begin with, so I don't really know if this is truly an advantage. In fact, I think it creates one disadvantage: Where the buttons are.

As you can see from the above pics, there's no place for the buttons on the device itself. So, where are they? On the earbud cord! Kinda awkward, in my opinion. This also makes the earbuds indispensible to the device, which kinda sucks because on my last Shuffle, the earbuds went before the device itself, so in the case of this new model, if the earbuds go, you have to buy a new pair of Apple buds -- not just any cheap replacement pair.

I chose to not confirgure the Voice Over program, which has an electronic voice announce each song and artist -- I don't need that while I'm running. I know what music is on there, no need for the device to tell me.

Lastly, I don't love the fact that the device automatically orders the music in ABC order, according to artist. Sure, you can set it to "Shuffle" mode, but I never liked that on the previous model because I sometimes had songs repeat while on longs runs; instead, I prefer to be able to manually arrange the songs in a playlist in iTunes, but from my limited use so far, the device doesn't seem to allow this sort of configuration. Which means that for my 7 miler on Saturday, I ended up listening to about 30 minutes of Foo Fighters. Don't get me wrong, I love the Foo Fighters, but I don't want to listen to all of their songs in a row. Perhaps I may need to re-visit the "Shuffle" mode and hope that it doesn't repeat.

On the whole, I'm pleased to again have music at my disposal when I run by myself, and again, I think it helps me run better, or at least it helps me believe that I run better!

Thursday, September 02, 2010


I've been given two awards this week by fellow bloggers, so I figured I'd tackle them both in one post.

First of all, Jamoosh bestowed upon me the "Cherry on Top" Award.
For this, I was asked one very difficult question: If I had the chance to go back and change one thing in my life, would I and what would it be?

Like others who have already answered this one, I have made lots of mistakes and have done, and said, some regretful things. I've had "failure" in nearly every sphere of my life thus far: family, romance, parenthood, friendship, finance, career, and running, and there are certainly many instances that beg to be re-written. However, each "error" taught me more than many of my successes or triumphs ever did, and much of who I am today has been shaped by many of those unfortunate, and sometimes harmful, choices. I think that what most of us come to regret are not the things we DID do, but the things we did NOT do.

So, this may seem like a cop out, and admittedly, it is, but I've been thinking on this topic for several days now, and I honestly can't think of a single opportunity I feel as though I've missed out on so far. Therefore, I opt to focus on just one smidgen of the question: "Would I?" Would I change anything if given the chance? My answer: Nope. Not a thing.

The other award was given to me by AJH, and this is the "Happy 101" award.
Here, I need to list 10 things I like. Phew! Much easier than the previous one! Here ya go:

1. Norah hugs.
2. Jerry's cooking.
3. Scooter's soft ears.
4. Coffee.
5. Beer.
6. Reading before bed.
7. Norah's naptime.
8. Running.
9. "Mad Men."
10. Friday nights.

Now, I'm supposed to tag 6 people for the first one and an additonal 10 for the second award. Ummmm...You know that I think that's too much work, right? So, if you haven't yet been tagged by either of these awards, considered yourself thoughtfully selected by yours truly.

Lastly, "thanks" to Jamoosh for the first award. He's been a long time reader of my blog -- and I think the only reason he began reading was his amusement at my drunk post-bowling posts, and for some reason, he stuck around and seems to still find me entertaining enough to continue reading although I never get drunk enough anymore to mistype my blog posts.

Also, thanks to AJH for the second award. Her blog is always full of positive inspiration, and she always leaves thoughtful and encouraging comments here that I appreciate!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

MN Trip: The Running

If you'd like to read about the non-running part of the trip, you can scroll down to the post below, or go directly here.

So then, the running part of our trip:

Was the day we left for MN, and my alarm went off at 4:30 am. I got up, drank coffee, etc and got ready for my run. I was out the door by 5 am and did a 3 miler. It wasn't easy getting up at o'dark thirty to fit the run in, but with travel and then rehearsal dinner plans as soon as we landed in MN, I knew there wouldn't be time for it any other place in the day. And, I was glad to get it done early.

The day of the wedding. I got up at about 7, had breakfast with my family, and then headed out for a morning run. This was a GLORIOUS run! Our hotel was near a small lake, so I ran about a half mile to the lake and then followed this lovely path around the lake, which was 2 miles, and then ran the half mile back to the hotel for a total of 3 miles. The weather that morning was perfect: Sunny, clear, but not hot, and certainly not humid. The scenery around the lake was so pretty and I really wish I had taken my camera!

I woke up feeling like poop. I think there were several contributing factors: alcohol consumption at the wedding (I didn't overdo it, but I still had more than I usually do and since I don't drink much anymore, my tolerance has bottomed out, so more than 3 drinks and I'm kinda worthless the next day), lack of sleep (at this point, we'd had two terrible, sleepless nights with Norah), exhaustion from the hectic schedule of the trip, and a wee bit of dehydration. So, I didn't run that morning, but come evening, I really was feeling the itch to run, but was left with little time to do so. Thankfully, our hotel had a gym, with a treadmill, so I hopped on there and pounded out a quick 2 miler (especially quick for me: I ran the 2 miles in 18:20, which averages to 9:10/miles!). I hate treadmills, but this one helped me fit in the necessary run and I was thankful to have it handy.

We left MN early and had a full day of travel. We got home at about 7 pm, and by the time I got Norah to bed and unpacked our suitcases, it was 8. Still, I wanted to run. What can I say? Streaking almost makes running a compulsion. When I told Jerry I was gonna head out for a run, he asked, "So, how long is this streak gonna continue?" I told him I didn't know, and I really don't know, but what I knew on Monday night was that it was NOT ending then. So, I headed out in the dark and got my miles in.

Thus, I was able to maintain the streak over our brief trip, and I'm proud of myself for fitting in these runs in a variety of ways. It required some creativity and running at some inconvienent times, but I got it done and proved to myself that I could stick to this streak even when life made it difficult.

Then, last night I ran a nice 6 miler to round out August with 100 miles. And, this morning, I kicked off the first dayof September with a run with Norah in the stroller. So, total number of days streaking so far? 74.

Lastly, on a non-running related note, you demanded pics of Norah's pink hair, so here's my delivery: It's kinda hard to capture on film even though it's distinct in person. So, you may have to click on the pics to enlarge them to see her little swatch of pink, but it is pretty punk of her.