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Saturday, September 30, 2006


As I come to a close on my first five weeks of training, I have decided to make a few adjustments to my schedule. The first priority? Change my long run for a different day. Currently, I have scheduled long runs on Saturdays, but that has become impractical. For one thing, I can not, and will not, get up early on a Saturday. I look forward all week to sleeping in on Saturday morning, and I don't think I can break myself of a habit I have spent 28 years forming. Secondly, Saturday night is out. (Remember, this is FL, so it's still hot here and running in the middle of the morning or afternoon is not an option. It literally pains me to read your running blogs about running in the mid-morning in 60 degree weather: It might be 60 degrees here on race day, in January.)

Yes, I have stayed home and devoted myself to running on some Saturday nights, but it's hard, and I shouldn't have to make the choice between a social life and a running life. So, I think I'm going to move my long run to Sundays: This means I'll have to move some runs around during the week to adjust, but I think it will work out better that way.

So, tomorrow will be 10 miles -- eek! I'm pretty confident because that's only slightly farther than the distance I ran last week, yet it's such a round, solid number: It's double digits for Christ's sake! So I'm a little nervous thinking about it. Plus, I still need to hammer out a hydration plan for the run (thanks for the suggestions last week, it gave me lots to consider, but that doesn't mean I came to a decision). I'll let you know how it goes (and whether or not I make my husband drive to a halfway point and meet me with water -- it's a possibility, I can be demanding like that).

Friday, September 29, 2006

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Okay, so I guess it did publish. Ugh.

I do NOT heart Blogger

Blogger is a little bitch. It won't publish my post from earlier today. In short, my run on Wednesday evening went fine. Went running early on Thursday morning before long day; that went well also. In short, I am an awesomely dedicated runner.

AM Run

I did it! Got up early and ran! It was that or wait again until 10 pm, and the only real problem with waiting until then is finding the motivation. At the end of a long day, the last thing I want to do is go for a run even if it does help me unwind from the day (of course, the second to last thing I want to do is get up early and run before a long day -- even if it helps wake me up and prepare for that day).

Now, if only I could grade papers and run at the same time: Think of how much I'd get accomplished! Clearly, it is time to hire the trained monkeys; I need a little help getting everything I need to do, done. I figure a little ensemble of chimps would do the work just fine -- I may need more bananas though...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Night Runner

Yesterday, my body refused to get up at 6 am; I tried to make it, honest I did, but it revoked my authority. Then, school was busy all the livelong day -- hardly had time to eat, let alone fit a run in -- so when I got home at 10, I was determined to not let the run pass me by. I laced up my shoes and slipped on my running gear, and I was out the door by 10:15.

Thankfully, I just needed to get three miles in, and running at that time is certainly cooler, but I had to take a different route so I could stick to the well-lit, high-traffic streets. In the end, the night run was nice; it let me relax and unwind from the long day, and I'm glad I got it done.

Tonight I will need to repeat the performance -- I will get home much closer to 6, than 10, but I will still need to wait for the sun to set before heading out (it's still summer here, folks). Maybe tomorrow I will manage to actually get up when the alarm goes off, but don't hold your breath.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Noontime Run

Even when I'm not scheduled to run, I sometimes find myself in situations that demand I hop to it.

Today, I was in my noon class -- on the fourth floor of the library -- and as I was handing out their quizzes, I realized I was two copies short. I have never under-copied before, but even super-hereos make mistakes, so I assured them they could sit still and I would be back in a jiffy, quizzes in hand.

The original copy of the quiz was back in my office, in another building. I knew right away my shoes would be an issue, so I slipped them off and, shoes in hand, went sprinting in my bare feet. Down the four flights of stairs, across campus, into my office, I quick made two copies and then jogged back across campus and up the four flights of stairs. Keep in mind, this is Florida, it was 1:00 in the afternoon; currently, it is 90 degrees outside. So, I burst back through the classroom door (shoes still in hand), sweating and a little out of breath from the stairs, and handed them their quizzes (they had generously offered not to take the quiz, but I didn't want to inconvienence them).

They finished, turned them in, and had plenty of time, but I was sweating and flushed from the unexpected exertion (nothing like having sweat roll down your back in a dress shirt). I guess the lesson learned is that I need to quadruple check my copies before heading to class so I don't have to run a 100 yard dash in the middle of the day. I'm just glad I didn't bump into another professor mid-run.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


First of all, I postponed the 9 miler for Sunday; I opted for dinner out with the hubby and some friends on Saturday night, so I ran my scheduled 9 miles tonight. It went well; here are a few notes:

1. I got friggin' thirsty. During the last 2 miles, my mouth felt like I had licked a wookie, and when I got home, I drank two bottles of water right away because I was so parched. How does everyone else deal with this? Carry a bottle of something to drink? Plant them along the route ahead of time? Have someone meet you part way with refreshment? I need to figure something out because I can't do 10 miles next week without a hydration plan.

2. I felt good for the majority of the run, but the last mile was a bit rough. My legs were getting stiff and tired. One good thing in my planning was that I actually plotted a route that was 9.2 miles, so I ran the 9, and then walked that last .2 and I think that helped me cool down a little better; still, it was hard on my legs.

3. Around mile 5, I ran through a little pocket of cool air -- an unique phenonmenon in FL -- it felt like a little piece of heaven.

4. I can now see how so many people say they enjoy training more than the marathon itself. I felt great finishing the 9 miles, a distance I'd never done before, and to think that every week I will face challenges like this, and that every week will be a new accomplishment. It's true that it's all in preparation for the ultimate goal, the marathon, but think of how many small accomplishments I will have along the way! That's very satisfying.

Lastly, I had a bowl of Kashi cereal (lots of good carbs, high in protein) with skim milk and some raspberries for a recovery meal, and I'm crossing my fingers it settles appropriately. I have to find a way around the barfing that has plagued me post-long-run in the past. Right now, I feel great.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Yesterday afternoon I had the house to myself (it was just Scooter and I) and I relaxed, napped, and watched some TV. Then, in the evening I went for the 3 miler I missed on Thursday, and the run went really well and felt good.

Now, after a long night of sleep, I feel much better. I still have lots of paper grading to get done today, but when I'm at home, I can work on it at a leisurely pace. Tonight I have a scheduled 9 miles. I've never run that far before: This is the point in my training schedule where I begin to march into unknown territory. I'll let you know how it goes.

Friday, September 22, 2006


I guess it's good for your muscles and joints, just as it is good for scheduling. I never made my run yesterday, so I will probably make it up this evening. Those who commented that I had that option are right to note that training schedules are meant to be flexible, and as long as I get the miles in, that's the most important thing.

Thankfully, I'm done with class on Fridays at 2, so I can go home, maybe nap, and go for a run this evening. I've never been so thankful to see a week come to its close (of course, most of the weekend needs to devote itself to reading papers, but at least I can do that at home). Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Okay, I Lied

I am not getting used to getting up early to run. Tuesday must've been a fluke. Yesterday, I couldn't get up early and ended up running when I got home from work, around 6:30 pm (the good thing was that it had just finished raining and I got to see a double rainbow). And this morning? Yeah, I could barely move this morning, let alone run.

I don't know where I'll fit it in today. It may end up a late night run. We'll see. I can't skip it: The guilt will eat me alive.

Thank god tomorrow is a day of rest. This week has been a busy one and I feel like I'm dragging myself to the end of it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

6:30 AM

Could I be getting used to getting up this early to run? Hard to believe, but I think I'm beginning to grow accustomed to it. Of course, the downside to this means that every afternoon around 3, I feel like I have the energy of a python who just swallowed a goat. I need to get a couch in my office, or at least a more comfy chair, so I can doze off for a bit in the late afternoon.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Taking the Stairs

Just when I think I'm in tip-top shape, I have to climb four flights of stairs. At the top, I'm huffing and puffing and my legs tingle from the unexpected rush of blood.

Marathon, schmarathon. I'm glad I'm not training for a twelve floor ascension: That would truly test my endurance.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Race Day

All that really needs to be reported is that Ryan won our wager. He needed to beat his own personal best time of 28:00 and he finished in just over 27 minutes. I needed to beat 29:52, and I was off by about 30 seconds, and I finished in 30:22. The timing of the course was a little weird because they started the clocks and then let the "over 40" crowd go, and then started the rest of us five minutes later. So, I'm not so sure about my exact time, but I am able to do enough math to know that I did not beat my own PR.

Oh well. I'm not really disappointed. It was fun to have friends to run with, and if I have to buy them breakfast afterward, so be it.

Correction to time: Results were posted online this afternoon, and my exact time was 30:27. I was five seconds off on my recall.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Five Mile Friday?

I have a dilema. Usually, I rest on Fridays and do my long run on Saturday, but because of the 5K on Sunday, I'm considering re-arranging my schedule. I'm supposed to run 5 miles tomorrow, but would like to spend tomorrow as a day of rest before I kick Ryan's ass in our race. But that means I should do my 5 scheduled miles tonight.

The question boils down to this: 5 miles tonight -- when I definitely feel ready for rest, or 5 miles tomorrow -- when it might be wiser to rest?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

On the Track

This morning I did not get up with the alarm to go run (surprise, surprise). But, with a long day ahead of me, I wasn't sure when I would fit the run in, or where. Then, the clouds parted and an idea dawned down upon me.

I am a member of Bally's, but the gym where I'm a member is far from where I work, so it would not be sensible to drive all the way there and back in the middle of my afternoon (between classes). However, there is a Bally's right by the college. I gave them a quick call to see if I could get a one day pass to that particular gym (no trading back and forth -- they charge extra for that), and they said "yes" no charge!

So, at 3:30 I totted my running stuff over to that gym, and I have to say, it's much better than the one I attend. Plus, they have an indoor track, so I bypassed the treadmill and ran on the track. And while I still think track running is pretty boring, it's better than the treadmill; plus, the smooth, predictable path of the track gave me the best time on three miles that I've ever had: 27:30! It was an awesome run.

After I ran, I quickly showered up, picked up some food and headed back to school: I was back by 5:00. And I have to say, the run and the shower really refreshed me. I feel more invigorated for my night class than ever before. Perhaps I should switch my membership. Hmmm...something to consider.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Does anyone else feel that when they run north that they are running up hill? Or, am I the only one?

(Funny side story: My younger brother's third grade teacher told his class that rivers don't flow north because water doesn't flow up hill. She must've been forgetting that one of the biggest rivers in the world, The Nile, flows north in to The Mediterranean. Silly. Do you think she really thought that? Or was she just fucking with their brains?)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Trudging through Tuesday

This morning's run was a test of my will. I passed.


Tuesdays and Thursdays are busy days for me: I leave home at 9:30 am and return at about 9:30 pm. This leaves little time for running, except first thing in the morning. This morning, the alarm went off, my husband nudged me, and I merely grunted a response. "Are you gonna run?" he asked. I just rolled over. A half an hour later, I was still laying there, and I was experiencing some classic indecision. My brain tried to rationalize that if I skipped the morning run that perhaps I could lug my running stuff to campus and find some space before my evening class to run on campus and I could shower in the gym's locker room. My body knew differently. I knew that if I didn't get up and do the run first thing that it would never get done.

Slowly, I rolled out of bed, dressed, and hit the road. Usually, even if I'm tired, once I start running I wake up and feel refreshed. That was not the case this morning. My feet felt like lead, and my brain was fuzzy with sleep. I literally trudged through the three miles, and while I didn't have a watch, I know my time was terrible. But that's okay. This morning was just about getting it done. Which is what some days are like: Not every day can be a good running day, and sometimes merely accomplishing a distance (even a familiar distance) is all a runner can ask for.

I was thankful that I got up and did it. Getting up and running in the morning is just as daunting to me as the idea of running 26.2 miles, so knowing that I can do one helps me realize I might be able to do the other.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Treadmill Terror

A fellow instructor in my department fell off a treadmill and fractured her ankle. Now, I know that I bash treadmills a lot, but here's the perfect example of why they are evil. Evil. They will break your leg if given the opportunity.

Because she's immoblized and can't drive, stand, or walk on the injury for a month, I have volunteered to take over two of her classes. It has occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, I've taken on more than I can handle, since adding those two classes will mean that I'm currently teaching nine (9!) classes -- that means I'll teach approximately 225 students a week.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Barfy Barferson

Last night when I returned from my 7 miler, I felt fine. I took a cool shower, had some water, some Gatorade, and then had what I thought was a sensible meal: a pita filled with veggies and some meat. I typed my blog and sat down to read for a bit.

Then my stomach started to churn. I went in the bedroom, turned the fan on, and laid down (my classic remedy for any ailment). My husband asked what was wrong. I told I felt like I was gonna ... I ran for the bathroom and puked up my recovery meal, my water, and my Gatorade. I hate puking, but once it was done, I felt fine. I drank a glass of milk (the acid in your throat after barfing is unbearable), ate two cookies my husband baked, settled in to bed and watched TV. And I was good to go.

This morning I feel fine once again. I'm not sore from the long run, and my stomach feels completely settled. Apparently, it was another strange after-run-barfing. It's the same thing that happened to me about six weeks ago after returning from a longer run. What's weird is that it's a delayed reaction if it's related to running, which I think it is (either to the heat or humidity or to the food or drink I consume afterward). I guess I'm going to need to be extra careful about what I choose for a recovery meal and drink. I'm thinking next time of having a bowl of cereal. That shouldn't be too threatening to the stomach.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Just Returned

From running my seven miles. The run went well; weather was good, music was rockin', and I felt good. Had lots of people yellin' and honkin' from cars though. I always ignore them. Turns out, one car of yellers were friends. I didn't even notice; I ignored them too.

Friday, September 08, 2006


This morning after I got out of the shower, I was standing at the bathroom sink brushing my teeth and I could hear Scooter gnawing on something. Now, Scooter gnaws on a lot of things: His toys, pieces of bark and rock he brings in from outside, as well as things he's not supposed to gnaw on. Lately, he's been chewing remote controls, and last Saturday he demolished a flip flop (thankfully it was $2 pair from Target, but still).

Because of his recent chewing behavior, I put down my toothbrush, mouth still foamy from the toothpaste, and I went into the bedroom to investigate; there he was with one of my brand new running shoes in his wicked little jaws! These shoes are seven days old, seven days!

With toothpaste spilling down my chin, I yelled and tore the shoe away from him (he might have thought I had rabies). He hung his head in shame and he followed me into the closet where I put the shoes up on a higher shelf and he tried to give me the puppy eyes that melt my heart, but I would have none of it. He had to live with his guilt until I got home from class.

I am now able to love him again, and thankfully, he didn't manage to do too much damage (the frayed heel and some teeth marks on the tread are about the only evidence of his attack), but I was still mighty pissed. My shoes are not to be confused with chew toys!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Holy Humid Batman!

Even though it was only 79 degrees this morning when I headed out on my run, the humidity was at 89%! For the past week, the humidity has been hanging around the 90% mark and the air has been thick with moisture. We've been receiving an unusual amount of rain and while it cools the earth, it makes the outdoors feel like a giant terrarium. So, this morning, I was sweatin' like the devil on my run, and when I got home, I have to admit I felt a little naueous. I'm not sure if I was over-heating or if the sweat loss dehydrated me, or if I was just being a baby, but there were a few minutes when I got home where I sat down, gulped my water, and felt a little dizzy.

I took a cool shower and then laid down for a minute with the fan on and I felt better, but it sucked. Humidity is a reality of living in Florida (that's what you get for living in a swamp), but good lord, can't we get a little dry air this way?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Swallowed a Bug

He flew straight into the back of my throat. I gagged a bit. Such are the hazards of running, I suppose. Perhaps I should run with my mouth closed -- apparently, it's just hanging open.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yee's Yoga

This is the yoga DVD I bought and did yesterday. It was pretty good. No time to rest -- you go through the poses without any breaks so it actually becomes challenging fifteen minutes into the 60 minute program, and I was sweating 30 minutes in. The poses themselves aren't difficult, but some are challenging and without any pauses between poses, it was a good workout. But one thing...
...I was completely distracted by, um, the bulge in Yee's very tight, nothing-left-to-the-imagination, shorts. And is he working out in only those shorts because he truly is that warm, or is he trying to show off? It is supposedly filmed on a Hawaiian hillside, so I can buy the idea that he's physically hot, but I gotta tell ya, I would've been pleased to see some baggy sweats and a t-shirt on the guy.

I could feel the workout's results this morning, and I was a little sore in my butt and thighs (but that means it's working!), so I was stiff when I started out on my jog at 6:30 (that's right, I got up early). The run went fine though and it was pleasant out. We've been getting rain for days now, and aside from the fact that the air outside is essentially a rain cloud it's so humid, the temp has dropped considerably, and it almost felt chilly when I first stepped outside. I quickly worked past that though and sweated up my usual amount.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Lazy Labor Day

"Labor Day" is a misnomer isn't it? We're not supposed to labor in honor of the idea of labor? I'm not entirely sure. This holiday is a bit of a mystery to me, but whatever its origins or meaning, all I know is that it's a three day weekend, and that is heavenly.

Yesterday, we went to a friend's pool party/BBQ, but it rained, so we mostly played ping-pong instead of swimming (although my husband did convince me to take a dip with him in the rain -- it still felt refreshing). And, well, I got a little drunk. Okay, quite drunk. Thankfully, Mondays are an easy going training day. On the schedule, I'm supposed to do "stretch and strength" so I usually do yoga, but no classes today because of the holiday, so I went to Target and got a new yoga DVD. I'll let you know if it's awesome or if it sucks; otherwise, if you hear nothing, it means it works but it's not stellar.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Saturday Sixer

Went well. I did not get up early to run (you know me better than that), so I waited until late evening when it was cool again. I got sprinkled on, but it felt good and it wasn't a big deal. Overall, it felt like a great run, and my new shoes worked out perfectly. What more can be said?

Friday, September 01, 2006

New Shoes!

I bought new shoes! I should clarify that: It's the same shoe I currently own, but it's new! My old pair was beginning to fall apart, and the tread was really worn. I know that I shouldn't wear them until they get that way; in fact, I probably should've bought a new pair three months ago.

Anyhoo, there was a moment in the shoe store when I thought I wasn't going to be able to get any new shoes. My feet are so small that I always cause the shoe salespeople to panic a bit while looking for my size. They only carry a couple of pairs in my size, and the first two I tried on didn't work (I really liked the New Balance 1060s, but I needed half a size larger -- I know, larger, can you believe it?) and one of those pairs was a kid's shoe. But then the clerk spotted a box of my current Brooks on a top shelf, and we were both relieved.

It wouldn't have been the end of the world if I had to order a pair and wait a week, but I'm not so good with the waiting. When I find something I want to buy, I want it right now (which is why Internet shopping has never been that appealing to me). I also picked up two new pairs of socks, so I'm ready to rock! Too bad today's my day of rest. But now I can't wait to get out there and do my scheduled six miles tomorrow! (Wow! Never thought I'd utter those words.)