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Friday, September 15, 2006

Five Mile Friday?

I have a dilema. Usually, I rest on Fridays and do my long run on Saturday, but because of the 5K on Sunday, I'm considering re-arranging my schedule. I'm supposed to run 5 miles tomorrow, but would like to spend tomorrow as a day of rest before I kick Ryan's ass in our race. But that means I should do my 5 scheduled miles tonight.

The question boils down to this: 5 miles tonight -- when I definitely feel ready for rest, or 5 miles tomorrow -- when it might be wiser to rest?


Erin said...

I say skip both and have a beer! It's raining out anyways.

MNFirefly said...

I would take it slow and do 3 miles instead of 5 miles tommorow or tonight. Save your racing energy for Sunday and kick some ass!