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Saturday, September 30, 2006


As I come to a close on my first five weeks of training, I have decided to make a few adjustments to my schedule. The first priority? Change my long run for a different day. Currently, I have scheduled long runs on Saturdays, but that has become impractical. For one thing, I can not, and will not, get up early on a Saturday. I look forward all week to sleeping in on Saturday morning, and I don't think I can break myself of a habit I have spent 28 years forming. Secondly, Saturday night is out. (Remember, this is FL, so it's still hot here and running in the middle of the morning or afternoon is not an option. It literally pains me to read your running blogs about running in the mid-morning in 60 degree weather: It might be 60 degrees here on race day, in January.)

Yes, I have stayed home and devoted myself to running on some Saturday nights, but it's hard, and I shouldn't have to make the choice between a social life and a running life. So, I think I'm going to move my long run to Sundays: This means I'll have to move some runs around during the week to adjust, but I think it will work out better that way.

So, tomorrow will be 10 miles -- eek! I'm pretty confident because that's only slightly farther than the distance I ran last week, yet it's such a round, solid number: It's double digits for Christ's sake! So I'm a little nervous thinking about it. Plus, I still need to hammer out a hydration plan for the run (thanks for the suggestions last week, it gave me lots to consider, but that doesn't mean I came to a decision). I'll let you know how it goes (and whether or not I make my husband drive to a halfway point and meet me with water -- it's a possibility, I can be demanding like that).


teacherwoman said...

Jess -

Good luck on the double digit run! I can only imagine the nerves! I haven't reached double digits...YET!

Yes, I do go to UND in GF! So, if your brother is looking at going to graduate school here... I think he would like it! If he could handle the winter weather! If he is an athlete/runner/weightlifter, he will certainly like our new Wellness Center! What is he thinking of doing for graduate school that would bring him to ND? Business?

Anonymous said...

You may be jealous of our 60 degree mid-mornings now, but they won't last too long. Before long, I'll be cursing you while I run in freezing temps and you're enjoying those 60 degrees.

Jenny said...

Good luck with your run!

Sounds like a good move to switch long runs to Sunday. Nobody should have to stay in on a Saturday night to go running!

Neese said...

you'll find that you will make subtle adjustments each long run about water and gels etc until you find what works best for you... each week it seemed to be something different for me i'd say "man next time i gotta use ear buds that clip around my ears" so during that next week i'd buy better ear buds. etc. you'll get the feel during the run what would make a nicer run next time.

looking forward to hearing how it goes for you!

Anonymous said...


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