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Is this a running blog or a Mommy blog?

First of all: "Mommy blog"?  Gross.  

I write about running and I write about parenting.  So, it is about both and, sometimes, neither.  Embrace the ambiguity.  I do.

Why run every day?  Don't you get injured or tired?

I run every day because I want to.  It feels good and makes me feel happy and healthy.

No, I don't get injured or tired.  I'm bionic and, thus, impervious to either fatigue or injury.

How much do you run?

Depends: On what I may be training for, what I have time for, if it's raining or not...

Your kids are hilarious and I love reading stories about them, but aren't you worried about exploiting them by writing about them online?

They are hilarious, and I'm glad you like my stories about them.  I do too.

I used to worry about the exploitation bit.  In fact, it used to keep me awake at night.  Then, I discovered Ambien, and now I sleep just fine.

Where do you live?

In a house.

Seriously.  Where do you live?

Why?  Do you plan to axe murder me in my sleep?  If so, I'm not going to make that easy.  I have a set of elaborate booby traps in my bedroom, AND I make sure my husband sleeps on the side closest to the door so he gets murdered first and I can escape.

All kidding aside, I live in North Carolina.


Or, maybe not.  Depending on your axe murdering tenancies, that may or may not be the truth.

Can I send you my writing?


Can we be friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?

Maybe.  Send me an email and I'll screen you for being an axe murderer.  Otherwise, you can always following the blog on all those sites to keep up with me and my misadventures.

What's your sign?  I'd love to do your horoscope.

We're done now.

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