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Monday, October 28, 2013


In terms of running, October has been an average month: Still streaking (today is day #300 -- "only" 65 more days before I can fill out the forms and submit my official USRSA application!) and still putting in an average of 3-4 miles a day.  However, in terms of blogging, October has been a giant failure.

In part this is because I've been very busy with work this month (midterm), but in part, I've had little that feels blogworthy.

The weather has cooled off here, though, and it's been lovely here in South Florida, so for the first time in almost 6 months, I'm enjoying running outside again.  Does that count as a noteworthy piece of blogformation?

Hope so.  Because it's all I got right now.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Taking it Easy

Last week, after hitting the month's mileage goal, I promptly caught a cold.  With an accompanying low-grade fever.  Admittedly, I internally freaked out a bit with the fever since last year at this time, I got sick with a virus whose principle symptom was a low grade fever and it wound up undoing the streak I had going back then.  Thankfully, by Friday, the fever had passed and so had most of my other symptoms and I was feeling better.

But, I did take advantage then of a "bye" week in terms of mileage.  I ran no more than 3 miles a day, and totaled the week with 19.64 miles, almost half of the previous week's effort.

Honestly, it's been nice giving myself a little running "break," as the decreased effort spilled into this week too.  A streak never affords a runner an entire break, but it's funny how such a descrease in mileage really does feel like one.  

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Nailed it!

Yesterday, on September 30th, precisely within my designated timeframe, I ran 2013's 1,000th mile, which also happens to be my streak's total mileage.  It was day #272 in the streak, which means that I have averaged 3.6 miles a day this year and in this streak.

To my surprise, Jerry had picked me up the above shirt as a gift for celebrating the occassion.  Jerry.  He's the best, isn't he?

I feel like I've rounded a curve in this streak and in this year's running, and now I look forward to upcoming approach of the 1 year mark (93 days away!) when I can register to become an "official" streaker.  Plus, if I can maintain my average of 3.6 miles a day until the end of year, I'll log a year's mileage that exceeds any previous year's mileage. 

Sheesh.  I would say it's tough being this awesome.  But, really, it's not.  I'm a natural.