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Monday, September 25, 2006

Noontime Run

Even when I'm not scheduled to run, I sometimes find myself in situations that demand I hop to it.

Today, I was in my noon class -- on the fourth floor of the library -- and as I was handing out their quizzes, I realized I was two copies short. I have never under-copied before, but even super-hereos make mistakes, so I assured them they could sit still and I would be back in a jiffy, quizzes in hand.

The original copy of the quiz was back in my office, in another building. I knew right away my shoes would be an issue, so I slipped them off and, shoes in hand, went sprinting in my bare feet. Down the four flights of stairs, across campus, into my office, I quick made two copies and then jogged back across campus and up the four flights of stairs. Keep in mind, this is Florida, it was 1:00 in the afternoon; currently, it is 90 degrees outside. So, I burst back through the classroom door (shoes still in hand), sweating and a little out of breath from the stairs, and handed them their quizzes (they had generously offered not to take the quiz, but I didn't want to inconvienence them).

They finished, turned them in, and had plenty of time, but I was sweating and flushed from the unexpected exertion (nothing like having sweat roll down your back in a dress shirt). I guess the lesson learned is that I need to quadruple check my copies before heading to class so I don't have to run a 100 yard dash in the middle of the day. I'm just glad I didn't bump into another professor mid-run.


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! I hope you had sidewalks the whole way...I would never run barefoot in Florida grass.

teacherwoman said...

Too funny! That sure beats my non-existence day! I really chuckled out loud!

MNFirefly said...

What a work-out!!

Erin said...

Hmmm...I was anonymous...I put in my username.

Sorry, you don't have a phantom fan. Just little ol' me.