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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Okay, I Lied

I am not getting used to getting up early to run. Tuesday must've been a fluke. Yesterday, I couldn't get up early and ended up running when I got home from work, around 6:30 pm (the good thing was that it had just finished raining and I got to see a double rainbow). And this morning? Yeah, I could barely move this morning, let alone run.

I don't know where I'll fit it in today. It may end up a late night run. We'll see. I can't skip it: The guilt will eat me alive.

Thank god tomorrow is a day of rest. This week has been a busy one and I feel like I'm dragging myself to the end of it.


Erin said...

The dead tired syndrom must be going around. Just remember, this week you played super teacher and had extra work.

MNFirefly said...

Hang in there. Switch the days if you need to. The training schedule should be flexible.

Jenniferlyn said...

I agree with Firefly - I switch up my days because of my schedule, BUT I make sure to do every run scheduled, even if on non-scheduled nights.

Flexibility is key to success!

D said...

Someone once told me that it takes 21 days to form a habit... :-) So maybe it will take you that long to adjust to morning running. I am one of those crazy morning people who can't stand to run at any other time except the crack of dawn.