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Friday, June 06, 2008

Double Trouble

Today, I again thought I'd do a double workout -- run + swim -- but unlike Wednesday's double, I decided to do the smart thing: Run first, then swim.

All of Viv's talk lately about acclimating to the heat had me thinking that perhaps I too need to learn to work with the heat instead of against it, so I decided to go ahead with an afternoon run, despite the fact that I would usually avoid such timing. I only did 2 miles because I figured that anything longer would fry me (it was 94 degrees out there, after all); indeed, the 2 miles were enough under that blazing sun.

1: 9:51
2: 9:23

Total Time: 19:14

After that, I was pouring sweat and I could feel my pulse in my eyeballs, but I continued through with the plan, and after I got home, I quickly stuffed my sweat-slicked self into my swimsuit (I think brain surgery might have been easier to perform), and then headed out to the pool.

Last night at bowling, my friend Crystal gave me some swim pointers, so I tried to keep those in mind today as I hopped into the (very refreshing) pool. I think it went well, and I even executed a few flip turns. I'm sure they were messy, but the fact that I was even able to do them boosted my confidence. In the end, I did 18 laps (previously, I'd been mistakenly referring to lengths as "laps" -- so yesterday was truly 16 laps, not 32), and afterwards, I felt suitably pooped from both workouts.

But now I can kick back and chill for the rest of my Friday. Hope everyone has a killer weekend!


Unknown said...

I've learned to count lengths when talking to someone who likes to know how many times back and forth, because people use the term laps differently.

but mostly, i count in 100s (100yds or meters) and that is less ambiguous.

anyway...good job runnign in the heat and swimming. woot!

L*I*S*A said...

You are definitely getting ready for a tri, that's for sure. :)

Kevin said...

Ive always counted a length as a lap but thats just me. My problem is keeping my count, especially when I start thinking of other things or start singin in my head

Viv said...

Ouch on the acclimating. You still knocked some hot miles there. padapamppam.
There has to be a way I can copyright that word.HAHAHA!

I use my Timex Ironman stop watch(they let fake traithletes like myself purchase them at a hefty price) and do the cronos and hit split lap when I complete a lap and it shows me how many I have done in addition to the time per lap.

That was a long sentence. Glad it's summer and you are not working or you would be cringing.

chia said...

Rock on lil Jess :-)!

Brianna said...

Maybe I don't like swimming because you have to count while you do it and because it is COLD out here in WA for an outdoor swim (I guess that's what wetsuits are for, eh?). I'm sure I'd lose track after the first lap/length/yds/meters/ AGH! I'll stick with running . . . and some biking. A duathlon is starting to appeal to me.

Happy weekend!

J~Mom said...

I use a finger counter because I hate keeping track. Great job!

Marcy said...

Lookin good Jess!! ;D ;D