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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Saturday Dozen

Wendy and I met up again this morning for a 12 miler, and despite a strong wind blowing off the ocean and an upset stomach (I would not recommend Cajun food and beers the night before a long run), the 12 went well.

For first 3 miles, my stomach was really iffy (poor choice of aforementioned dinner and drinks) and for a bit I seriously thought I might hurl, but we took a walk break in the 4th mile and after a bit, the stomach settled and by the time we reached 6 miles, I felt fine. The temp was perfect out, and we were able to keep a very even pace (almost exactly 10 minute miles -- with the exception of the miles where we took brief walk breaks to drink water or take GU).

1: 10:02
2: 10:07
3: 10:09
4: 11:14
5: 10:10
6: 10:09
7: 10:36
8: 9:56
9: 10:57
10: 10:36
11: 10:53
12: 10:14

Total Time: 2:05:11

2 interesting anecdotes:

1. A cranky bitch snapped at Wendy to "move over" on the path. Wendy had moved over but I guess we hadn't created an adequate space for this approaching woman and her running partner to pass us. The woman was such a bitch about it that I kinda felt like pushing her into the grass. Most runners I know are nice, happy people; this woman was not. I am guessing that she was on the return leg of a 20 miler and she was cranky because she was tired. Yeah, that's the excuse I'll give her.

2. We passed a young woman who was running in what appeared to be a 2 piece swimsuit. And the top of the suit was kinda of a peach color, and since she was white, from a distance it was hard to tell if she was wearing a top at all. The whole getup looked very uncomfortable to run in.


Erin said...

You're like a running machine! Way to go on the 12'er.

ws said...

If I had been wearing gloves I may have been tempted to hit her. I just didn't want to leave fingerprints. I don't think you need a 20 miler as an excuse. We were in Boca, isn't that explanation enough?

Marcy said...

Wendy I'm surprised you didn't give her a good kick in the shins LOL

Dang you ladies are running machines!

Scott McMurtrey said...

i like karate chops to the head for rude runners/bikers/walkers/stroller pushers.

nice job on the 12.

Tri+Umph said...

Nice job on the run, Jess!

You should have called the big meanie childish names to try and get a fun reaction out of her. My choices for next time are: butthead and dorkface.

My Life said...

Yeah for pulling out 10 miles with an iffy stomach!

J~Mom said...

Nice job! It's so nice to have a running buddy! Looks like you two run well together!

Margo said...

Great job on the run!! It has been so long since I've done 12 miles, it hurts me to think of it!

MNFirefly said...

Nice job. Awesome splits!

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the run even with the stomach issues.
And, I hope you never encounter the mean woman again!

Christine said...

Great job! Maybe you should bring nunchucks with you next time and wear a karate suit :) 12 miles...now i feel like crap after feeling happy about 5. haha. jk! Keep up the great work!

Wes said...

Hmph. All the loonies must have been out today. I'm still trying to get over the urge to kill somebody :-)

Iron Jayhawk said...

Nice job on the 12! Running with a buddy always helps with the even-keeled pacing! :)

teacherwoman said...

Glad to hear your run went well despite the early tummy ache!

I would have wanted to push her ... for sure.

Laurel said...

I would have loved to hear a good running/fight story from the two of you together.


keith said...

Dirty Dozen. Nice job!

I have often been tempted to run in flesh colored tights.

Nancy said...

OH my, you're getting faster. Great work!! I hate those jerky people. It's hard not to let them ruin your run. Excuse or not, she was just rude. Hope you could shake it off. :D