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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

40 Degree Difference

Okay, some of you may have pictured my New Year's Eve like so: a downtown hotel room, tons of friends, buckets of champagne, Snoop Dogg, and me in the center sportin' 2008 glasses and a noise maker. I know, I know, I may seem like a rockstar, but the truth is that the closest I get to being a rockstar is pelting out off-key songs on Rock Band -- no, my New Year's Eve was more like this: me, my husband, some friends, some games, fireworks, and a cooler of beer. So, basically it means I was sippin beer and kickin ass at "Scene It" for most of the evening, but somehow, all those beers, and the half a bottle of Asti caught up with me and I was pretty drunk. Good thing our friends have a spare bedroom because my husband and I crashed there for the night.

Yesterday? I was a pile. All. Day. Long.

I watched about 3 hours of a show on TLC called "Big Medicine" about these two bariatric surgeons who perform gastric bypass surgery on obese people -- I was fascinated by it. Each time my husband came out in the living room, he'd ask: "Are you still watching this?" Yes, yes, I was.

Anyway, I had the headache from hell all day, so I did not run. Let's call it a "sick" day, okay? Today, I plan to run my scheduled 5, but overnight the weather has dipped into the 40s! Can you believe it? It's absolutely frigid out there, and it's not supposed to get much warmer today. The cooler temp should be nice once I get warmed up, but to start, I'm seriously thinking of pulling out the wool hat and mittens!

Yesterday, it was 80. Weird.


keith said...

Happy New Year!!!

I feel you on the whole obese reality show phenomenon. Last night (during my own sloth phase) I watched "The Biggest Loser." Mesmerizing.

Hope you can ring in the second day of the new year with a run...I would assasinate someone for 40 degrees right now. It's -4 at the moment.

L*I*S*A said...

In the 40's?

I don't have to tell you that here in MI, that's downright balmy this time of year.

You'll be fine...baby steps, friend, baby steps.

SavvyFitChica said...

I blogged about your hangover, check it out.

We're all entitled to our "sick" days and you haven't had one in quite a while, so you deserve it!

Good luck on your 5 miles today!

Marcy said...

Snoop Dogg? Nah I see you and Ron Jeremy chllin by the pool :P I'm KIDDING!!

40's is frigid?! LOL I saw that this am on the weather channel (or whatever nonsense I was watching), with the wind chill it was feeling 30-35 down there. That's pretty crazy for Florida.

Tri+Umph said...

Yuck, a 40 degree temperature drop sucks! It might be colder here, but it was a fairly gradual change which was a whole lot easier!

All day hangovers suck. They remind me of freshman year.

Triseverance said...

It is 4 here this morning, Frigid ha. You perform your absolute best in 40-50 deg weather. Don't freeze your oranges.

J~Mom said...

Dang it, you shattered the image I had of you!