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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Long Run

This morning I met Wendy again in Deerfield to run A1A for a 14 miler. This is my peak distance before Miami in two weeks -- next week I'll scale back to an 8 miler -- and I was feeling pretty tired this morning. However, I did have a great night's sleep, so that did help. The run itself was a little slow, especially after 8 miles because we took more frequent and extended walk breaks, but after the run I felt great, and right now I feel pretty energetic -- rare: generally, I pretty much feel like going back to bed after a long run.

1: 9:44
2: 9:45
3: 9:53
4: 11:09
5: 9:52
6: 9:51
7: 9:45
8: 11:26
9: 11:26
10: 10:37
11: 12:12
12: 10:20
13: 12:47
14: 11:53

Total Time: 2:30:52

So, yeah, we were petty consistent through 8 miles, but then the timing became more erratic. Like I said, we did quite a bit more walking than usual, but that's fine, we still got the mileage done.

Strangely, I have a big blister on my left big toe, and I haven't had a blister in a long time. Should I drain it? Or let it drain on its own? I kinda want to pick at it.

Last of all: best of luck to everyone who has a race this weekend (there's quite a few), so I hope everyone does well and has fun at RnR in Arizona, at Houston and at Disney! Race safe!


Erin said...

I am always tempted to drain it but DON'T do it! The last thing you need is a raw or infected toe before your big race. Let it heal on its own.

Anonymous said...

I always always drain those suckers!!

Laura N said...

I think it's so great you and Wendy are running together. And look at what you've already accompolished, this early on the weekend. Good on you, girl! Hope you blister heals quickly.

Neese said...

You are doing awesome, I take it the race is a half marathon? (sorry if i've lost track) You will have an excellent finish time based on this training! enjoy the weekend!

I say let it go down on it's own, less chance of infection, but i'm not a nurse, ask L*i*s*a! :D

Tri+Umph said...

Nice job on the long run!

I would say to drain the blister, but DON'T pick at it. Get the fluid out, but leave the skin on. And make sure you keep that sucker clean so you don't get an infection!

Once its drained, you won't even feel it anymore. Leaving the skin on it will help protect it and decrease the chance of getting another blister in the same place.

MNFirefly said...

Jess, I have had one of the nasty stuckers. I ended up having the employee health nurse draining when it got way too painful on walk on.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are suppose to drain them, but I always drain mine because they drive me nuts.

Nice job on the long run - enjoy your taper.

SavvyFitChica said...

Holy cow, 14-miles!?!? That's incredible! I ran 3.1 today and I'm totally pumped! You're going to do great in your race. And sorry, I have no idea about the blister so I can't offer any advice. Good luck w/ it though.

Mary Gee said...

What a great run. I seldom get blisters so I have no advice.

Theoutofshapeguy said...

Nicely done!! I'm in the camp of lancing those suckers.

Lance it now. Put mole skin on it for race day. :)

(By the way...this is Barbara aka Running Jayhawk using Mike's account! Oops!)

Stuart said...

One word; Compeed! Stick it and forget it.

Viv said...

Great 14 miler, Jess. Your going to have an amazing finish in Miami!It is wonderful to have a great partner on those long runs, mind you my long run consists of 4 miles..LOL!

teacherwoman said...

Don't touch the blister! Let it heal on it's own!

nice job on the run, btw.

Laurel said...

How can you NOT pick it?

Mendy said...

Wish I could help on the blister, but have no advice. What good am I? I've (knock on wood) haven't had one yet.

That's a fantastic 14 miler. You're going to do soooo very well on your first Half! I'm impressed.