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Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to the Grind

My first day of the term went alright -- except for the fact that I brought the wrong syllabus to one class (in my defense, it's the same class, same time, but one is on Monday/Wednesday and the other is Tuesday/Thursday -- so yeah, I brought the TR stuff to the MW class) but it's no biggie; I can bring them the right materials on Wednesday. One weird thing though: in one class I have two students with the exact same first and last names. I've never had that before. I told the two of them that they'd have to include their middle names on their work.

After class, I had a dentist appointment. My toofers were in good condition and I thanked my lucky stars that I didn't get "The Floss Nazi" (one hygienist there is a little rough). So, with clean, cavity free teeth, I came home and laced up my running shoes for a 4 miler before dinner.

It was a great temperature out -- cooler but not cold -- and the run went smoothly:

1: 9:20
2: 9:11
3: 9:34
4: 9:32

Total Time: 37:38

And now that dinner is resting comfortably in my tummy, I will retire for the evening to rest up for day number two of the term. Hopefully, tomorrow I will bring the right materials to the right class.


runner26 said...

I sympathize with you re: first day back to school. But you at least put in a good run after work. I came home totally wiped!

Marcy said...

I hate those chicks (Floss Nazi) there is always one of them in every dentists office. "Hi, I'd like my gums back" Blah!

RunnerGirl said...

Glad you made it through your first day back! Spring break should be just around the corner, right?

Unknown said...

First day back to school for my kids too. I have no idea how they will wake up on time after sleeping in for the past few weeks.

Have a good one tomorrow.

And good job, as always, on the run!

MNFirefly said...

Nice splits again, Jess! I hate tooth nazis too. They are SO mean!

Viv said...

Weird two students with same lastm& first names. I wonder if it is common names or something totally different?? Hmm..things I ponder.

Yea, I had a killer hygenist for a while. I could not eat the rest of the day because of the pain.

Way to survive your first day back, and tackle a great run.

Anonymous said...

I really need to get back on a sleep schedule to get me ready for school. Ugh.

Glad your first day back went well.

Wes said...

Floss Naz... hee, hee...

Lori said...

I'm with Viv...just keep trying to figure out what the name is :P Nice job on the run!

My Life said...

Lucky you with your job you enjoy! & nice numbers on that run - you are fast! Have you ever wondered... if you're 5' and someone is 6' and you're both running 9:30 miles - are your legs working much harder???

J~Mom said...

Nice job on that run!! We just had our family dentist appointment. Fun stuff!