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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Race Day

All that really needs to be reported is that Ryan won our wager. He needed to beat his own personal best time of 28:00 and he finished in just over 27 minutes. I needed to beat 29:52, and I was off by about 30 seconds, and I finished in 30:22. The timing of the course was a little weird because they started the clocks and then let the "over 40" crowd go, and then started the rest of us five minutes later. So, I'm not so sure about my exact time, but I am able to do enough math to know that I did not beat my own PR.

Oh well. I'm not really disappointed. It was fun to have friends to run with, and if I have to buy them breakfast afterward, so be it.

Correction to time: Results were posted online this afternoon, and my exact time was 30:27. I was five seconds off on my recall.


teacherwoman said...

Nice pic! As long as you had fun, that's all that matters, right?

Erin said...

Jess, you may not have beat your personal best but Ryan is still recovering. I bet you went out and ran another 5K this afternoon.

Junie B said...

i am confused about letting the over 40 go 5 min earlier? thats weird!

great time tho even if you didnt beat your previous PR!

Neese said...

a fun race is important no doubt, and i just love that photo! :)

Taunya said...

Very cute pic! Don't sweat it, you'll have plenty of races to beat your PR.

MNFirefly said...

Very nic pic!! I am glad that you had fun at least.