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Thursday, February 02, 2006

To Vitamin or Not to Vitamin

Yesterday I swallowed my last vitamin in the container. Now I am faced with a dilema. Do I go buy more? Do I buy a different kind (I have been drawn in by the idea of gummy vitamins)? Do I quit taking them? What would happen if I didn't take a multi-vitamin anymore? Would I turn inside out?

I looked up some stuff on the Internet to see what the wise sage could tell me about vitamins and everything seemed to suggest that I needed a daily multi-vitamin to ensure the appropriate amounts of vitamins and minerals. One website said the only way you don't need one is if your diet is very balanced and you get plenty of variety in fruit, grains, veggies, and meats. Their advice seemed to suggest that no one gets a completely balanced diet, and yes, dummy, you should take a multi-vitamin, especially if you exercise regularly.

I do try to eat healthy. Yesterday I had a spinach salad, some cantaloupe, cereal, some yogurt: all good things for me. Unfortunately, I don't always integrate that kind of good stuff into my everyday nuitrition. Some days I eat nothing but cheese and crackers, and others I subsist off Lean Cuisine (and I really only like one of their meals, so it's the same one all the time). I guess that means I need to just suck it up and purchase some more vitamins. Maybe I'll go for the gummy; I'm just nervous they will disappoint me. I suppose it's only a six dollar investment, and if I don't like them I can always go back to the horse pills. Geez, how neurotic am I? Everyone with real problems is probably laughing at my concern over whether or not to buy gummy vitamins.

Ho-hum, vitamins here I come!

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Brooke said...

You know, if you eat a well balanced diet most of the time. Your body will store vitamins and minerals for later use. Like those days when cheese and crackers and lean cuising are all that you are eating. Just a thought. I hate taking vitamins though, so I may be a little biased.