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Monday, February 13, 2006

Snotty Nose

Yep, the slight cold I was developing yesterday turned into full-blown ickiness, and I felt like crap yesterday evening. My nose would not stop running, and there were times when I would be bent over and the snot would just flow on out. Once, I was coming in the back door with the new puppy and he was crazy and running around my feet and I kept sneezing and snot was everywhere, and I couldn't get his leash off, and well, snot got in my hair. I'll admit it; it was disgusting.

It was then that I handed puppy-care over to the husband, and then I went to bed and watched the Olympics all night. I felt a little better this morning and went to class, but I felt like poo -- and there's hardly anything worse than feeling like crap but standing in front of a full classroom and carrying on with the lesson on run-on sentences (everyone's favorite). Thankfully, no snot slipped out of my nose in class.

In short, today was another day off from running. I used to feel so guilty if I strayed from the schedule, even if I didn't feel well, but now I can see how overall health is more important than one day's run, and that if I didn't take care of myself now, I might end up feeling like crap for much longer, and that's not worth feeling as though I have soldiered through the pain. I am feeling better now, and I think that after another good night's sleep, I'll be much better.

Colds suck.

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some chic said...

Hi snotty nose. I'm snotty the tissue slayer. I can totally relate to the cold at the moment where does it all come from?? I'm getting back into my blog writing check me out. get well :-) cough sniff ergh