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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Falling short

It's always weird how your body can feel so different on different days or weeks. Some days I feel like I have so much energy, and my run goes so easily. But other days, like yesterday, I struggle through and then don't even go as far as planned. Yesterday I wanted to run five miles (that's been my standard lately), yet after three, I was pooped, so I took the short route home (total of four miles) and walked the last one. Where does that "oomf" go? Does it dissipate and get lost in the universe? Did I wear myself out earlier in the day running around the dog park?

Today is a day for cross training and strength, and tomorrow is the long run -- my goal is six miles. We'll see how that goes. I hope I regain the "oomf" -- where for art thou?


Liv said...

That elusive "oomph"... it's just so fickle. Be flexible: work with it when it appears, reorganize when it takes off again. May the oomph be with you in your 6!

Iron Jayhawk said...

I, too, have had many an oomph-less workout lately. It's frustrating and really just ticks you off!!

Just be patient...maybe you should take an extra day off or do more strength training rather than run one day. I typically find that extra rest helps find my oomph all over again.

Good luck with the 6-er!