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Monday, January 30, 2006

Tired Arms

My arms feel weak, like worn-down little nubs. This morning I did my strength training and it was my day to do arms, and because I have been slacking on strength training, my arms weren't used to the extra effort, and now after an afternoon of scraping wallpaper, they feel heavy and tired. Perhaps I should just put them into slings and let them sleep.

I'm trying to be good this week with the training because I have a 5K on Saturday and I'd like to run my best (I'm just glad Super Bowl Sunday is the day after, not before; I'd hate to have to be sober for that). I ran this same 5K a year ago and I want to see if I can improve on my time. So, come on little nub arms, get strong.

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esb said...

hey! what happend to your awesome blog? i miss reading your posts - hope you start up again :)