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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Saturday Morning

After spinning class kicked my ass this morning, and I felt a little better about the world, so I decided I wanted to re-tackle the music issue I've been having with Musicmatch. At first I was positive, but as the time wore on, my blood pressure rose and a headache insidiously crept in. I tried everything the online tech support offered: I tried disabling the Internet security, I tried re-setting my Internet connections, I tried fiddling with Musicmatch's settings, everything, and it still says it can't connect to the Internet.

By now, this has become an obsessive need. And because I can't download any music, I am, of course, finding tons of songs I want. But can I have them? No. So for a bit, I brokedown and decided I would purchase the upgrade. After fooling with that, I found that the upgrade tech support consisted of little more than sending a little help email to some unknown in California who probably won't email an answer to my question until Monday.

I seriously need to get back to the gym and peddle the shit out of that bike because I'm so pissed right now, my head feels like it's going to burst.


Angela said...

Sorry, I can't help with the music match issues. I have my own itune issues...
But, I did want to say that I like your site and am happy to learn of fellow runner/spinners out there.

Running Jayhawk said...

i know how frustrating music match can be. Good luck getting a response back! I'll keep my fingers fcrossed for you.

At least this frustration can be a positive with training.