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Friday, January 06, 2006


South Florida is experiencing a cold snap, and temps today and tomorrow could get as low as in the high thirties. I know that those of you who live in the north are probably just shaking your heads and smiling at this, but forecasters say it could feel like freezing here. Some people who have lived in South Florida their whole lives only know what freezing feels like from their freezer. They're a little freaked out.

My students showed up to class wearing the most winterized clothes they own: Puffy coats, winter hats and gloves, even scarfs. And even though I laugh at them a little, I too wore a sweater and donned a coat and turned on the heat in the car -- it does feel chilly. I suppose I'll be running at the gym this afternoon, but for the strangely opposite reason that I usually do; I've got to escape the cold!

Funny how when I lived in Minnesota I thought thirty or forty degrees meant t-shirt weather in the early spring. I would run through the slushy snow and the temp would be barely into the forties, but it would feel like summer after hiding away from the sub-zero frost. I've become such a baby.


Liv said...

It's all about what you're acclimatized to - I'm fairly happy running in sub-zero temps but heat and humidity makes me into a total suck and sends me straight to the air-conditioned gym!

runninturnip said...

I have the same problem after moving to SC from the northeast. It gets down to 40 and I whine and then my parents just laugh at me!
I do hate the summer heat down here though...

Running Jayhawk said...

That is awesome! Low 30's up here in Chicago constitutes shorts and a long sleeved tech shirt for running. :) I've never lived any further south than Tennessee (where it still got really cold), but I am super jealous that you've got great running weather!

You could be a polar bear before you know it!


RhiannonR said...

Shame on you Jess. I'm still up here in Minnesota, only putting a jacket on if it gets below 30 degrees. You used to be tough...what happened? : )