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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Random Notes

Approximate amount of cake I've had since baking it on Thursday: The whole thing. Minus one piece my husband snuck in.

Approximate number of calories: Like a zillion. I don't know how to calculate frosting and everything, but it's got to be a lot.

Approximate amount of cake I ate in cut squares that I put on my plate and ate like a civilized human being: About half.

Approximate amount of cake I just ate out of the pan with a fork: The other half.

Approximate amount I feel guilty about all this cake eating: Not much. I get this craving for the yellow cake and chocolate frosting about once every couple of months and instead of fighting it, I just let it consume me (or, rather, I consume it); I figure fighting urges isn't good for you, and I'd hate to deny myself anything. The cake obsession is a small price to pay to the sanity gods.

Approximate weight I've gained since the eating of the cake: None. Even though I seem cursed to never lose a damned pound, I seem to also be blessed to never gain a damn pound. I will be stuck forever at the same weight -- maybe not the tragedy I once thought it was.

Approximate number of blogs I have written about yellow cake with chocolate frosting: 2. Like the vitamins (3 blog entries) and funny people I see at the gym (25 entries), there are some things that will never lose their interest for me.


jeff said...

you know, when you have a craving, it is typically because your body is lacking something. maybe you're experiencing a yellow dye #3 deficiency.

Jennifer P said...

I once posted a recipe for a hazelnut torte with caramal sauce. I got more comments on that post than any other. Cake is good. Frosting is better.