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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Curse of the Short, Stretchy Shorts

It was nice to get out and run yesterday, especially now that I have a few new tunes on my MP3 player (by the way, for those offereing music suggestions, I primarily enjoy alternative rock and classic rock, but I listen to just about anything, and for running, I need a good solid rythym). I didn't run as far as I wanted, because I didn't quite have the stamina, but it felt good to get back to my routine. However, in the last stretch on my way home, a truck full of men yelled out the window at me.

Why is it always men in trucks? Is the truck indicative of some sort of behavioral tick? Are they good men but once they are inside the cab of a truck they feel helplessly compelled to whistle and shout? And why would anyone think that a person would enjoy being the object of that?

Yesterday, they slowed down (which always creeps me out) and yelled: "Oh baby! You are beautiful! You look like an angel!" I just ignored them and stared straight ahead, feeling embarassed and anything but angelic. When I run, I like to think I am invisible to the naked eye; I like to pretend I am in a bubble of my own where no one can see me, but these assholes ruined that little fantasy and when men do that it always makes me feel very self-conscious and I blame the short, stretchy shorts.

Yes, they make running easier, but I also think they draw unnatural attention. Attention that I don't deserve for that area, yet can I just ditch the shorts and return to another pair that I feel are inferior? Damn, it's a catch-22. At least I'm not yet so comfortable with my body that I go in just my jog bra -- I always wear a t-shirt or a tank top -- but I start going in just the stretchy shorts and my sports bra and I better damn well be invisible.


Scooter said...

Yep, I bet the prospect of three sweaty Hispanic men really gets you hot!

Here's my incident: http://scootersweightloss.blogspot.com/2005/01/you-gotta-nice-ass.html

Shalini said...

That sucks. I blame my stretchy capris for all my harrassment. Here's my experience, slightly different but still sleazy-guy related:


Joyce said...

wow, i havent had this happen yet, but it's like a blizzard here!

m said...

I don't get any catcalls anymore. Too old I guess. I don't miss them though. Anyhow here is what is on my IPOD now: The Killers, New INXS, Will Smith, Lynyrd Skinner (free bird..great to start a run to, if you like to start out slow) Some Lil Jon, MC Hammer (you can't touch this) Prince etc. Pretty crazy mix of music, but it gets me going.

Running Jayhawk said...

My question to all cat callers is...do you REALLY think we're going to respond back and flirt with you? Or are your intentions innocent and full of "support" vibes?

99.9% of cat callers give me the creeps. Thankfully I won't need my shorts until May or so around here...