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Monday, January 23, 2006


Well, I never did make it out for my long run yesterday. Instead, I ordered Chinese and tried to watch some rented movies -- they weren't that good, and I ended up on the computer again trying to fix the music issues. The good news is that even though I still can't fix Musicmatch, I opened Windows Real Player, and was able to download and burn from that, and I'm going to transfer everything that was in Musicmatch over to Real Player. I got some good songs for my MP3 player, so this afternoon when I make up my long run I will have good stuff to run to.

But I am always looking for songs I don't have that could be good running songs: Any suggestions?


mouse said...

what kind of music do you generally listen to? ghetto music (rap)? alternative? hard rock?

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

I mix a lot of military cadences into my running mix. They always get me pumped up when I'm feeling sluggish.