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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Re: The Drunken Post

As a runner, you're supposed to demonstrate some measure of self-control: Sticking to that training schedule is proof that most runners are very disciplined people who eat right, exercise regularly and who, in general, make healthy decisions. But I am not most runners, and as all of you readers know, I am terrible about sticking to my training schedule, and eating right is a chore, and while I try to make healthy decisions, I also like to throw caution to the wind, and do whatever I want some days. Which is how I ended up very drunk last night and which is why I thought I should post a blog entry -- the barely readable one you can see below.

Today I woke up with a pounding headache and cotton mouth so bad it felt like I had licked a wookie. I'm so dehydrated that I have been sucking down waters and wishing I had a time machine to go back and refuse those shots (no, wait, they were free weren't they? you can't refuse free shots). And to be hungover on today of all days; Sunday is the day for my long run, and it doesn't help when your thirsty as hell and you ache all over.

We'll see if I can hydrate enough to feel normal, and I'll let you know how my run went. Geez, all I feel like doing now is ordering Chinese and watching TV all day in bed (if only there were a training program for that).


Shalini said...

Ah, the free shots have been my downfall many, many times. It is true-you can't refuse them. I think it might be against the law, so you just have to suck 'em down and suffer the consequences. I feel your pain-definitely order the Chinese food.

Erin said...

Oh dear Jess. I read your post and wondered, how come I wasn't that drunk last night? Then I read your post this morning and I forgot how you were suckered into those 2 extra shots.

At least you weren't up at 6am with the dog :)

Joyce said...

dont be hard on yourself, everyone needs to kick back sometimes :)

Liv said...

Running teaches our bodies discipline: to be stronger, faster, and go longer.

Drinking teaches our bodies discipline too: it takes serious fortitude on the part of your brain, liver, and kidneys to metabolize all that alcohol, and overcoming a hangover is not for the faint of heart.