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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Music Issues

Listening to music as I run used to not be that important, but in the past year it has become an integral part of my workout, but lately the computer has been giving me attitude and I'm having music issues. I wanted to download some new stuff because I've been listening to the same music for some months now and have grown bored with it. Anyhoo, I have Musicmatch on my computer, and it usually lets me connect to the "On Demand" site no problem to download songs, but the past couple of weeks it has been saying that the Internet connection can't be found.

This is bullshit. I'm connected to the Internet right now, no problem, cable connection -- super speeds. Why can't Musicmatch connect? So after weeks of being denied, last night I got down to business on the computer and tried my best to figure it out: Which mostly meant wandering around in my computer settings and asking the Lord "Why?" (I also cursed some.) I figure one of two things must be done: Either this is Musicmatch's way of bullying me into upgrading to Jukebox Plus, or our computer has some sort of virus.

I lean toward the former because it has given me other problems as well (it wouldn't let me burn a CD a friend gave me and so forth). This is really bugging me because once I get it into my head that I want new music, or new anything for that matter, I grow very frustrated when I can't immediately have it. And running just feels lackluster lately and I need a pick me up -- new tunes would be perfect. Are there any computer geeks out there who can offer any advice?


jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Sorry about your music issues, I feel your pain, but I have no good advice. I am a computer dummy, I can't even get my latest blog to show up on the complete running blog page.

j mac said...

I ended up uninstalling Music Match after it keep freezing up my computer. Now I use Windows Media Player to manage my digital music player when I download songs or get them off c.d's. I download from walmart at $.88 a song. Music Match software came with my mp3 player. My son got the same one about 6 months later and they were no longer using Music Match. I guess a lot of people had problems.

jeff said...

i personally use windows media player 10 and napster-to-go. while the napster-to-go account runs me 14.95 a month, i'm able to download and listen to virtually any album without having to pay a per-song fee. i've got a great little 1gb flash drive mp3 player for running and a hefty 40gb creative player for hooking up to the car stereo. funny how something like that really re-defines 'owning' music.

it's great that i can load whatever i'm in the mood for without having to find an old cd from eons ago, rip it and then load it. i quickly pull it off of napster.

sheesh...now i sound like a napster ad.