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Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Update

Was something wrong with Blogger yesterday? I tried accessing my account, but wasn't able to, and therefore, I wasn't able to post. I'm sure everyone cried.

Anyway, that thirst thing seems to have fixed itself, but not before I got myself worked into a tizzy thinking perhaps that I had diabetes or something. Today, I feel appropriately hydrated. And I actually think the cause of my parchment was actually my diet. See, my husband was gone for four days and the theme of those four days was "Jessie isn't going to cook," so I ordered food and ate frozen dinners, all of which is so high in sodium. I think the salt must have built up in my system and dried me out. I went to the store yesterday and made sure I stocked up on fruit and veggies, and yesterday I had nothing but salad and fruit, so that must have helped heal me. (But I also had to make an emergency stop at a gas station on the way to class because I had to poo so bad.)

I also had a great run yesterday. I didn't go all that far (3 miles) but it felt good and I felt all happy and stuff. I have a whole slew of new songs on my MP3 so that had to help the mood. My new "go to" song is "Dammit" by Blink 182. I know it's an old song, but I forgot about it in my stacks of CDs and I found that I really like it for running. It has a great tempo. I'm also cookoo for "Laid" by James, "Last Nite" by the Strokes, and the new Madonna song "Hung Up." With so much to listen to, the time on the treadmill flies by.


Joyce said...

those are some great songs! I've been looking for some good running songs :)

*I think blogger had a scheduled outage or something yesterday? I couldnt post for ages! It's funny how addicting it is*

Anonymous said...