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Monday, January 09, 2006


I've been trying to keep to my training schedule and the hardest part is to not skip out on my cross training and strength training, but last week I was very good with both. However, I am still sore from friday's workout: Abs and legs. Why is it that it's not so much the day after you lift, but two or even three days after you lift that you feel the most sore? And by then you have to lift again!

Thankfully today was arms (they already feel a little weak and tired from this morning's workout), and I get to avoid abs and legs for another couple of days, but this morning when I was sitting up in bed, my abs were screaming: "What are you doing?!" I told them sorry, but I had to get up, and unless I slinked sideways out of bed, there was no other way around it. But then I hit the floor and my left calf yelled about that, and I apologized to it as well, but told it to suck it up and deal with the stiffness.

Poor body. It thinks I'm tormenting it. It just wants candy and long days in bed.


Ben, aka BadBen said...

Tell those muscles to shutup. You need to let them know who's boss!

Mark said...

Just keep it up. I've seen too many people quit at this stage, and I promise...those "eye-catching" results are just around the corner.