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Monday, January 16, 2006

Confessions of a Bad Runner

Confessions Number One: I have not run in five days. I have no legitmiate reason like illness or being trapped under a wardrobe; I have just not had the time (that is a lie -- if I got up before 10 am I probably would have the time). I have been busy with housework and school work and watching TV; my schedule is very full. I did, however, go to spinning class two days ago: That was not a lie.

Confession Number Two: Today I ate five dumplings for lunch. Five. Hefty sized ones. Originally I thought that even though I have been a bad runner I could at least be a good eater, but I have been a bad eater. I have had copious quantities of food every day that I haven't run -- I haven't cut back my caloric intake one smidgen.

Confession Number Three: I forgot to take my vitamin the past three days. No wait, that's a lie. I didn't forget; I intentionally did not take my vitamin the last three days because four days ago I nearly choked to death on that damn vitamin and I am now a little scared of them. I don't want the paramedics to show up and find me in my underwear on the bathroom floor dead with a vitamin lodged sideways in my throat.

Last confession: I don't really feel guilty about any of this. Seriously. Sometimes it feels great to follow your diet and training schedule perfectly, and yes, it feels wonderful to stick to a routine and see the results. But sometimes, it feels so good to be bad and just not care.


Liv said...

It's always perversely satisfying to be a rebel - I'm sure the running gods will forgive you :)

Erik said...

Funny stuff, I too wonder why the heck drug companies won't allow you to take two pills giving the same vitamin values rather than one horse pill that will someday bring down even the mightiest of throats.

A suggestion is to stick with flintstone vitamins, they're delicious and you can eat like 20 of them at once.


Running Jayhawk said...

Ooooh...you's a bad girl!

Mary said...

Jess, you already know about the 21-day habit principle. Do you think you could diet every OTHER day for 21 days? By that, I mean cut back on your caloric intake every other day for 21 days. You could still be "bad", but it would work for you rather than against you.