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Sunday, January 08, 2006


On Friday night, after a couple rounds of bowling, some friends and my husband and I decided to hit the club -- the strip club that is. And while some people may find it unorthodox for a couple, or couples, to visit a strip club together, I've read and observed an increasing trend in the number of women who are not just accepting of strip clubs, but who actually enjoy visiting the clubs. So much so, that I read in "Time" that aerobic classes that feature stripper-moves are becoming one of the fastest growing trends in exercise.

Some gyms call it Strippercize, some call it Eroticize, one place reportedly calls it Cardio Striptease, and others name it simply Pole Dancing, but whatever you call it, I can see why women are flocking to it. For one thing, it's gotta be a good workout. All that dancing has to be the same kind of cardio workout that any other aerobics class offers, and when you throw some of that pole action in there, well, it becomes downright difficult.

On Friday, as I watched those strippers not only climb the poles (I couldn't even climb the rope in gym class!), but literally perform acrobatic feats up there (stuff that was almost Cirque de Soleil), I was amazed and even a little envious. The strength it would require to lift yourself away from the pole with one or two arms would be immense, and to do that upside down! They deserve to be tipped! While I wouldn't necessarily want to trade places with them (the whole topless business), I do admire their strength and endurance, and I can't help but think a class in Strippercize might be an interesting alternative to regular means of cross training, and it can't hurt some of the action in the bedroom either.

My gym doesn't offer any classes in these means yet, but I'll keep an eye out for them. Spinning class won't seem the same though now that I know what's out there.


jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

I've heard those classes are awesome!! Carmen Electra has a cardio striptease DVD that you can buy and do at home. I've heard it's pretty good. It couldn't hurt until your gym gets with the latest trends.

Erin said...

She already has the pole at home, perfect! :)

Running Jayhawk said...

As a former participant in the Cardio Striptease class at Crunch...it is QUITE DIFFICULT! Lots of fun, but the entire class was sweating pools 10 minutes in.

I was sore for nearly a week after the fact.

But you're right...the acrobatic stuff they do is quite impressive.

...not that I...uh...really know what strippers do... :D

mouse said...

I bought my sister the Carmen Electra DVD. I think there's different levels of difficulty even (I bought sis the easy one).

I'll let you know if she likes it or not when I'm officially talking to her again!

RhiannonR said...

I bought the Carmen Elektra DVD. It's pretty good, but not as good as I had hoped. It was interesting, but not necessarily a good workout. But there was no pole involved. (I was thoroughly bummed). The day I can get up there and do what they do...well that's the day I'm ice skating with old Lucifer.