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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Treadmill Tedium

My first day back on the "schedule" meant that I had to run at the gym on one of their treadmills (I slept too late this morning to run outside, and running in the middle of the day in South Florida is out of the question for me -- heatstroke does not sound like fun). Lately, I haven't used the gym for much more than classes, which is a fine use of my money in my opinion, but I did feel as though I was really a member by going in and using the treadmill. But then two minutes went by on the dreaded machine and I was reminded of how much I hate running on one.

After I flipped through an old issue of "Rolling Stone" (I discontinued my subscription a few months ago and was happy to catch up on, albeit late, music news) and settled into my songs, I found that I was pretty much bored. Even though I have my music, running on the treadmill is tedious. There's nothing but other people and treadmills to look at. Plus, I always stare at the time as it passes, and everyone knows that watching a clock is the surest way to slow the passage of its minutes.

In the end, I eeked out a few miles and was done, not necessarily because I was tired, but because I was just so done. I think I will just have to try and get up early or run late so I can do it outside, and I'll reserve the gym for the yoga (got a new mat for my b-day!) and spinning classes. Maybe I could bring myself to lift a weight or two as well.


Liv said...

I don't know which sucks worth: treadmills, or early mornings!

Happy belated birthday!!!

Liv said...

Worse... that would be "worse", not "worth", from the English major...

Andy Owen said...

i have experienced this too