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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dog Run

Yesterday, my husband wanted time alone to work on the house without the dog bothering him or whining in the kitchen, so I said I would take Scooter with me on my run. Interesting. It was Scooter's maiden voyage running with me, and he did much better than I could have anticipated. At first, he was wild with excitement so he was running back and forth in front of me and swerving way out away from me and then cruising back next to me. Between managing his leash length and trying to establish my own pace, it was a bit hectic at first.

Then, he tapered off some and he was running nicely beside me, but after a mile, he was clearly getting tired because he was starting to lag behind. We kept up the pace though for another half a mile until he started to look at me in a pleading sort of way from way behind me. So I slowed it down and finished after two miles. We walked the rest of the way and he trotted nicely beside me, but he was pretty pooped at that point (although a found stick revived his spirits). When we got home, he drank his bowl full of water and crashed.

He still found energy later in the evening to terrorize me, but the run pretty much tuckered him out. So, will he become a regular running partner? I don't think so. Maybe every once in awhile, but not regularly. It was too much going on for me, and I like to run to escape multi-tasking; plus, right now he's not cut out for distances. Maybe when he's a little older I can work him up to longer runs and see if he's cut out for the training, but for right now, I think we'll stick to walks.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain-my dog Lucy does the same thing at the begininng of a run. She has almost knocked me down more than once. Now that she's fully grown, the longest run I take her on is still only three miles (she gets bored).

Unknown said...

Too hot for Dogs! Annie usually tuckers out after a mile. She can do two but says enough is enough. You try running in a fur coat in South Florida!

Blaine Moore said...

Scooter would probably like to run more often, but needs to work up to any sort of distances. Just take him out for the first mile and swing back home to continue your run and work him up to it.