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Saturday, April 22, 2006

It's my B-day and I'll Run if I Want to

Yes, today is my birthday!! Everyone is free to do a little happy dance in honor of it. I am turning the distinguished age of 28 (interesting that if this was 1906 instead of 2006, I would be more than middle aged -- life expectancy was about 50 -- and now I am considered a spring chicken -- woohoo for sewers and other modern advancements) and I'm pretty excited about it. 28 seems like a good, solid number: I've always enjoyed the even numbers.

I will mostly relax and enjoy myself today, so I doubt I will exert myself with exercise, b-days are a time of year that gets me thinking about resolutions. Unlike New Year's, when everyone is resolving something, resolving something at your b-day seems more personal and I take it more seriously as a committment. And this birthday has me thinking about my running, especially about the lack of it as of late, and I think I need to make a firm resolution to get back to it. Unfortunately, this time of year sucks for such a resolution since we in South Florida are heading straight into the hot temps of summer, but I think I really need to get back; I miss it and it bothers me that so many days are absent a run.

So, starting tomorrow (the fateful day that all resolutions begin), I am going to revive my running routine -- cross your fingers that I'll stick with it.

(Holy cats! I just had deja vu! Could this be a sign of something? Or do too many mornings begin in the exact same pattern?)

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Brooke said...

HAPPY TO YOU!!! (That's what we say in our house because that's how our 6 year old used to say Happy Birthday.)

28 is a great age, in fact...it's my eternal age. I have refused to age from it for the past (almost) 4 years.