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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter Candy

My husband, ever so kindly, bought me an Easter basket on Sunday full of goodies, and I returned the favor. Add on the Easter stuff his parents and my parents sent. The result? We have a shitload of chocolate and other candy (jelly beans) around the house. And it is very difficult to resist (especially since it is wrapped in the pretty pastel colors of spring). I have discovered as of late that I really enjoy Milky Way, which is funny because I never used to be a fan, but it must be the miniature ones (they always taste better anyway) that are so delicious because I can't keep my hands off them. Automatically, when I got up this morning I grabbed two mini Way's and ate them for breakfast.

My good eating habits have not just slid downhill, they have tumbled down the mountain in an avalanche of good intentions. This always happens when I lose just a little weight; suddenly I think I can eat whatever I want whenever I want, and that's how I always gain that weight back. So, this morning after I finish typing, I am going to quickly jaunt up to the store and buy a few "good" groceries: fruit, veggies, that kind of stuff. I feel like the past week or so I have had nothing but junk and now I must do something to make up for it.

I just have to carefully avoid the drive-thru McDonald's that is right next to the grocery store -- it's placement seems so evil!

P.S. Scooter is sitting on my lap napping while I type this and he just farted. It was quiet so I didn't know it was coming, and then it just hit my nostrils -- wham -- and it was a powerful stink. Seriously, when I swallowed, I almost gagged. What's in his dog food?

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